• Interlaken-Salzburg-Verona-Lausanne-Paris-Antibes

    … Salzburg -Verona Italy Verona, Italy-Lausanne- Lausanne Paris Paris -Antibes. Planning … (2015-03-26)

    Tags: … to verona, intercity, interlaken, interlaken to bern, italy, lausanne, lausanne to paris, le frecce, milan … , tgv lyria, trenitalia international, verona, verona to lausanne, verona to milan, zurich to salzburg

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    • … ' trains). There is a direct 'EuroCity' train from Verona to Lausanne on which reservations would be required. Otherwise, if the schedule for the direct train … to the rail pass. If you wish to take the direct train from Verona to Lausanne, and it isn't displaying on our site when you do your search under 'Book your Rail Pass … (2015-03-26)
  • Lausanne to Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen & gondola, to Zermatt & then back to Lausanne (with a Eurail Global Pass). Can this be done in 2 days?

    … and take a gondola to Germwald that same day. She wants to see Zermatt and return to Lausanne on Sunday before Midnight. Two things. She has a global pass and I'm wondering if you can help with the best … (2015-05-12)

    Tags: eurail global pass, gimmelwald, interlaken, lausanne, lausanne to interlaken, lauterbrunnen, switzerland, zermatt … to lauterbrunnen, interlaken to spiez, interlaken to zermatt, lausanne to bern, lauterbrunnen to interlaken, spiez to visp … to visp, hotels, france, geneva to lyon, lausanne to geneva, lyria, lyria tgv, tgv …

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    • … 's Eurail Global Pass is valid on the trains from Lausanne to Bern and Bern to Interlaken. Travel beyond Interlaken … Pass would then be valid to cover her the rest of the way from Visp to Lausanne. Note: To be covered on an inbound and outbound on the rail … (2015-05-13)
    • WOW Jeff!! Thank you. Can you suggest which of these areas she should be looking to stay the night to make it easiest to see everything and get back to Lausanne by midnight Sunday? (2015-05-13)
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  • Travel from Zurich to Paris via the GoldenPass scenic route. Is it true the Swiss Travel Pass doesn't cover the TGV Lyria from Geneva or Lausanne to Paris? Do I have to purchase the reservations in advance?

    … and then connect with the high speed train from Geneva or Lausanne up to Paris. (I think that's right, I've been reading your other posts.) :). Great information … to Paris in advance as our plans may change. My thinking is that we will go as far as Geneva or Lausanne one day and then spend the night in one of those cities and then head … (2015-06-08)

    Tags: … , golden pass, goldenpass, interlaken to zweisimmen, lausanne, lausanne to paris, lucerne to interlaken, lyria, lyria tgv, montreux to geneva, montreux to lausanne, paris, pass and reservations, swiss travel …

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    • … button for “No”. However, if the only trains you’ll be taking in Switzerland are from Zurich to Lausanne or Geneva by way of the GoldenPass route between Lucerne and Montreux … to departing for Europe. This would especially be the case with the TGV Lyria from Lausanne to Paris. This train, in particular, is a very popular route and can sell … (2015-06-11)
    • … the 'Passholder 3' for the TGV Lyria train from Lausanne to Paris. With that said, it is actually likely that there will be regular ticket … Lyria trains that go from Geneva to Paris; they're only valid on the ones from Lausanne to Paris. If you were to take the TGV Lyria from Geneva to Paris … (2015-06-18)
  • Best option for Nice to Imperia, Imperia to Monterosso, Monterosso to Varenna, Varenna to Lausanne, Lausanne to Innsbruck, Innsbruck to Salzburg, and Salzburg to Munich

    … to Monterosso, Monterosso to Varenna, Varenna to Lausanne, Switzerland, Lausanne to Innsbruck, Austria, Innsbruch to Salzburg … (2016-05-18)

    Tags: … , lago di como, lake como, lausanne, lausanne to innsbruck, liguria, ligurian riviera … , salzburg, salzburg to munich, switzerland, ter, varenna, varenna to lausanne, trenord, meridian, tyrol

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    • … pass is all you would need to board. In contrast, the trains from Milan to Lausanne are EuroCity (EC) trains that would require reservations … and involves changing trains once in Zurich along the way. On the trains from Lausanne to Zurich, reservations are not necessary at all. In contrast, the trains from Zurich … (2016-05-19)
  • Frankfurt - Lausanne - Florence - Vienna - Halle - Frankfurt

    … pass works. These are my routes: 1. From Frankfurt to Lausanne 2. From Lausanne to Florence 3. From Florence to Vienna … (2017-05-23)

    Tags: austria, bern to lausanne, ec, eurail select pass, euro city, eurocity, florence … to vienna, frankfurt, frankfurt to bern, frankfurt to lausanne, freccia rossa, frecciargento, frecciarossa, germany … express, intercity express, italy, lausanne, lausanne to florence, lausanne to milan, le frecce, milan …

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    • … and involves changing trains once in Milan along the way. Trains from Lausanne to Milan are EC (EuroCity) trains on which reservations … Select Pass'). When booking reservations for a trip from Lausanne to Florence, you would just have to break up your search once in Milan. Therefore, you would do one search … (2017-05-24)
  • Geneva Airport, Nyon, Lausanne, Montreux, Lauterbrunnen, Wengen (mountain railways & cable cars while in Wengen), Schaffhausen (Rhine cruise while in Schaffhausen), & Zurich Airport. What should I purchase?

    … to Geneva round trip 3 times Nyon to Lausanne round trip Nyon to Montreux round … (2015-06-08)

    Tags: … , jungfraujoch, kleine sheidegg to jungfraujoch, lausanne, lausanne to bern, lausanne to nyon, lauterbrunnen, lauterbrunnen … , mürrenbahn, nyon, nyon to geneva, nyon to lausanne, nyon to lauterbrunnen, nyon to montreux, piz …

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    • … trains: -Geneva Airport to Nyon -Nyon to Lausanne (and return) -Nyon to Montreux (and return) -Lauterbrunnen … in duration and involve 3 train changes along the way; once in Lausanne, once in Bern, and then once in Interlaken. Connections from Lauterbrunnen to Schaffhausen … (2015-06-11)
  • Which pass for 1 stop in Switzerland while in France? Paris-Chamonix-Lausanne-Dijon-Paris (& day-trip to Versailles)

    … staying in Paris for 5 days, then going to Chamonix, then to Lausanne, then back to Dijon and Paris. We will also likely do a couple of day trips … the France/Switzerland Pass or is it better to purchase the France pass and pay extra for the travel segment to Lausanne (2015-07-25)

    Tags: … to dijon, lyria, lyria tgv, martigny to lausanne, mont blanc, mont blanc express …

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    • … are regional 'TER' trains. A connection from Chamonix to Lausanne would take just under 3 hours in duration and involves 2 … from Chamonix to Martigny and then another search for connecting trains from Martigny to Lausanne. There are direct, high-speed trains … (2015-07-28)
  • 30+ Days Alps & Wine Explorer - Paris-Lausanne, Lausanne-Chamonix, Chamonix-Zermatt, Zermatt-Appenzell via the Glacier Express, Appenzell-Murren, Murren-Wengen, Colmar, the Champagne region, & then return to the Paris CDG Airport

    … Near Paris using rental carDay 4 travel to Lausanne via TGV deal (already purchased),Day 6 … (2017-06-05)

    Tags: … , eurail select pass, france, lausanne, lausanne to chamonix, lausanne to martigny, martigny to chamonix …

    · Answered · 3 replies
    • … -passes/eurail-select-pass/index.html. Paris to Lausanne As per your post, this segment was already purchased … a search on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. For the trip from Lausanne to Chamonix, you would just break up the search in Martigny. Therefore, you would do one search … (2017-06-07)
  • Glacier Express from St Moritz to Zermatt & then best route from Zermatt to Lausanne

    We want to take the Glacier Express from St Moritz to Zermatt. We want to also get a rental car in Lausanne after the train ride. What is the best way to get to Lausanne from Zermatt? Thank you. (2018-04-20)

    Tags: glacier express, lausanne, st moritz, st moritz to zermatt, st. moritz, swiss travel pass, switzerland, zermatt, zermatt to lausanne, st. moritz to zermatt

    · Answered · 2 replies
    • … the ticket costs for the Glacier Express and your trip from Zermatt to Lausanne. The trains from Zermatt to Visp and Visp … .com) just to view schedules for the route from Zermatt to Lausanne. Unlike the trip from Zermatt to Lausanne, the Glacier Express will require … (2018-04-20)
  • What is the difference between the GoldenPass "classic" cars & GoldenPass "panoramic" cars? Considering using a Swiss Travel Pass for Lausanne to Montreux & then the Golden Pass from Montreux to Interlaken & Interlaken to Lucerne?

    … 2015. Considering using a 2nd class Swiss Pass. Lausanne-Interlaken and Interlaken-Lucerne. Golden pass … ? Difference between "regular", "classical car" and "Panoramic"? From Lausanne to Montreux..., regular train connecting Golden … (2015-01-03)

    Tags: geneva, geneva to montreux, swiss travel pass, goldenpass, lausanne, montreux, interlaken, lucerne, lausanne to montreux, montreux to interlaken, interlaken to lucerne, montreux to zweisimmen, zweisimmen to interlaken, switzerland …

    · Answered · 5 replies · 2
    • … changing trains twice along the way; once in Zweisimmen and then once in Interlaken. Trains from Lausanne to Montreux don't accept reservations, so the Swiss Travel … purposes, you can just check schedules for the non-reservable trains from Lausanne to Montreux by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules … (2015-01-05)
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