• Can I get off the train from Dresden to Berlin in Leipzig? Or would I need to buy two separate tickets?

    I will be traveling by rail from Dresden to Berlin. The train passes through Leipzig, a city I would like to see. Can I get off the train in Leipzig and take a later train to Berlin? Will I need to buy two tickets or is the layover allowed? (2013-08-06)

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    • … , The direct trains from Dresden to Berlin actually do not go through Leipzig, and tickets for these trains would not be valid for a route between Dresden … to Berlin. You would purchase tickets from Dresden to Leipzig and Leipzig to Berlin ('InterCity Express' trains) by clicking … (2013-08-06)
  • Is a German Rail pass suitable? Client traveling from Berlin to Leipzig, Leipzig to Hamburg, and Hamburg to Frankfurt.

    … a rail pass. She is arriving in Berlin on May 8, then to Leipzig on May 19, then Hamburg on the 23, and finally to Frankfurt … (2017-02-04)

    Tags: berlin, berlin to leipzig, frankfurt, german rail pass, germany, hamburg to frankfurt, ic, ice, inter city, inter city express, intercity, intercity express, leipzig, leipzig to hamburg, pass and reservations

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    • … . On each of the routes you mentioned, reservations would be recommended (especially the trains from Leipzig to Hamburg and Hamburg to Frankfurt). When applicable, reservations … you 'Are you traveling with a rail pass?'. Trains from Berlin to Leipzig are either high-speed ICE (InterCity Express … (2017-02-06)
  • Booking the CNL from Leipzig to Frankfurt with a German Rail Pass. Can we book the Deluxe compartment with our 2nd class rail pass?

    … husband and I want to take CNL from Leipzig to Frankfurt with German Rail Pass (10 days in a month). I have checked … with our 2nd rail pass? (2) If yes, how much will it cost? (from Leipzig to Frankfurt ) Could I book the reservation on DB website … (2015-10-01)

    Tags: 2nd class, cnl, canopus, canopus cnl, city night line, deluxe, frankfurt, german pass, german rail pass, germany, leipzig, leipzig to frankfurt, pass and reservations, passholder, canopus city night line

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    • … (www.raileurope.com); however, passholder reservations for the night train from Leipzig to Frankfurt (the 'Canopus' City Night Line … (2015-10-01)
  • Where can I find information about filming in ICE stations & on trains between Berlin & Leipzig?

    Where can I find information about filming in ICE stations and trains between Berlin and Leipzig? (2014-05-05)

    Tags: ice, intercity express, berlin hbf station, berlin, leipzig, berlin to leipzig, point-to-point

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    • … -train-station.htm... I'm sorry; however, we don't have a similar page for the Leipzig station. You would purchase tickets and check schedules for the ICE trains from Berlin to Leipzig by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage and entering the cities … (2014-05-05)
  • Direct train from Berlin Airport to Leipzig?

    Is there any way to do this without a transfer? My mother is elderly and traveling on her own. (2012-08-21)

    Tags: berlin to leipzig, ice, inter city express, intercity express, leipzig, schönefeld airport, berlin airport, berlin schönefeld airport, sxf airport, germany, schönefeld

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    • … would have to commute into the city of Berlin in order to connect to a train to Leipzig. Trains from the Schönefeld Airport to the Berlin … ' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. Trains from Berlin to Leipzig are either ICE (InterCity Express) trains or IC … (2012-08-21)
    • Hey Jeff, is this true today as well, on 7th Aug 2017? I am looking to travel from Berlin airport to Leipzig.. How can this be done? (2017-08-07)
  • Can I make a resv only without ticketing for a pax trvlg Leipzig to Frankfurt Airport on July 13th, Train 1654?

    … is asking me to make a reservation only on Train 1654 July 13th from Leipzig to Frankfurt Airport one way First Class. I have reservation in my "Shopping … (2013-06-27)

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  • Salzburg > Auschwitz? Leipzig?Nuremburg

    … will be in Salzburg and wants to travel to Auschwitz for a day to tour. She then wants to go to Leipzig and Nuremburg. What is the best options for her? The places do not have to be in this order, she just wants to get to all three in 6 … (2014-04-21)

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  • Amsterdam - Leipzig - Switzerland

    Hi! I'm planning to travel with my 2 senior parents and 3 sisters from Amsterdam, to Leipzig, and enjoy 3 days in Switzerland before returning to Amsterdam. Can you please inform me the most economical passes? (2017-05-27)

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  • Why can't I view schedules from Berlin to Weimar online?

    I need to know how to get from Berlin to Weimar, and everytime I try to do it online it says OOOps there is a hiccup. When I tried to have an online chat there was no button to click even during normal hours. (2014-05-23)

    Tags: berlin, weimar, ice, germany, point-to-point, intercity express, berlin to weimar, berlin to leipzig, leipzig to weimar, berlin to halle saale, halle saale to weimar

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    • … from Berlin to Weimar involve changing trains once in either Leipzig or Halle Saale along the way. You would purchase tickets and check … of our website, www.raileurope.com. Therefore, you would do one search for trains from Berlin to Leipzig or Berlin to Halle Saale and then another search for connecting … (2014-05-23)
  • How to reserve a seat using German Rail Pass and what is the cost of reservations.

    Hell Jeff, We are planning to make a trip around part of Germany using German Rail Pass. From Munich, Nuremberg, Bamberg, Dresden, Berlin etc. I tried to follow your instructions on how to reserve seats and failed. We have a twin flex pass for 10 days... (2018-04-10)

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    • … and involve changing trains once in Leipzig along the way. Trains from Bamberg to Leipzig and Leipzig to Dresden are ICE high … (2018-04-11)
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