• Getting from Paris CDG Airport to Limoges by train

    … arrive at CDG at 6:30 am. We would like to get to Limoges by 13:00, which is when the car rental agency closes … (2015-05-30)

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    • … into the city of Paris first. Trains from the city of Paris to Limoges depart from the Austerlitz station in Paris. To commute … Métro, which you would take to the Austerlitz station, from where the direct trains to Limoges depart. In its entirety, the commute from the CDG Airport … (2015-06-02)
    • … cutting it close to get to Limoges. How far is Poiters from Oradour. We have reservations at a B & B nearby for the night we arrive, but don't plan to go to Oradour … up the car the day we arrive. Any other thoughts? We don't mind driving a couple of hours to get near the Limoges area. Thanks … (2015-06-02)
  • Getting from CDG to Limoges by train, then a local rental car?

    … ) will be visiting the Haute Vienne area of France outside Limoges a few times each year, flying over from the U.S. We think flying into CDG will get us the best … , we're trying to figure out how reasonable (as in convenient and inexpensive) it might be to train from CDG to Limoges (or Poitiers or Angouleme or ?) and back? Once there, we need a rental car. Our questions are: 1 … (2014-04-01)

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    • … , you can go to our home page at www.raileurope.com and put in Paris Airport to Limoges or Portier and put in a date with in 90 days and click … (2014-04-02)
    • … at CDG airport to the right railway terminal that will get me from CDG to Limoges by train(s). If I have to change train stations/trains … /weekly schedule of trains connecting from CDG to Limoges as opposed of having to select a single time. If I have the latter, I will be better … (2014-04-02)
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  • Two day Rail Pass for a round-trip between Paris and Perigueux?

    I have two teens ages 17 needing to get from a Paris train station to Perigeaux July 14 and returning to Paris CDG airport July 18 to catch an outgoing flight for 1530 . Would a 2 day pass be better? Will the train take them directly to the airport? (2016-04-05)

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    • … . For travel to the Paris CDG Airport, the passengers can either go back up through Limoges or Libourne to the city of Paris (in which case they would still have to switch … would take about 6 to 7 hours in duration. For the option via Limoges or Libourne, they would only need to purchase reservations for the trains that go into Paris … (2016-04-06)
    • … connection from Paris to Perigueux. The train change in either Limoges or Libourne would be reflected when you pull up the results of your search … (2016-04-06)
  • Basic information MISSING

    I have read multiple RR websites. All I want to know is what it costs to take a train from Amsterdam to Coulounieix-Chamiers, France. There seems to be no contact information and each nation promotes travel in there own nation NOT traveling from one... (2013-06-04)

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    • … .com. The connection involves at least two train changes along the way; once in Paris and the once in Limoges. If need be, you can break up your search in Paris by doing one search … into the Nord station in Paris, while trains from Paris to Limoges/Périgueux depart from the Austerlitz station in Paris … (2013-06-04)
  • Does a rail pass cover subways and buses in European cities? Public transportation questions

    Does the Eurail Global pass cover public transportation in cities? Like the local subways, trains or buses. (2012-03-15)

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    • … to Barcelona would involve taking a train from Bordeaux to Limoges, where you would pick up the night train down to Barcelona. Trains … is all you would need to board. Reservations would then be required on the night train from Limoges to Barcelona. After you add the pass to your shopping cart, you would click … (2012-07-06)
    • … point out that the overnight connection from Bordeaux to Barcelona (via Limoges) would use up 2 days of rail travel on your pass … (2012-07-06)
  • Should we Get 5 day Pass?

    We are traveling Paris to Amsterdam, then return to Paris. Then Paris to Limoges. Limoge to Bordeaux, finally back to Paris. Would a five day pass work ? (2012-05-11)

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  • Overnight train, Paris to Barcelona - get off early in Perpignan?

    Paris to Barcelona, overnight train, Elipsos: can I get off early at Perpignan instead of Barcelona? I will be using a France only railpass. (2012-02-03)

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    • … , this train stops at Les Aubrais, Orleans, Limoges, Figueres, Girona and ultimately Barcelona. There is not an option … (2012-02-04)