• Liege Belgium to Linz Austria with an Assistance Dog & a Walker, suggestions on trains???

    What tickets do I need to purchase, traveling Liege Belgium to Linz Austria. I'll also be traveling with an Assistance Dog and use a walker. How accessible are the trains and platforms? (2016-10-02)

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    • … that goes via Cologne) and the direct trains from Frankfurt to Linz (as part of the option that goes via Frankfurt) are currently not able to be viewed … Thalys trains. Direct trains from Cologne to Linz are high-speed ICE (InterCity Express … Express) trains. Direct trains from Frankfurt to Linz are high-speed ICE (InterCity Express … (2016-10-03)
    • … , a walker and an assistance dog too. What would be the appropriate cost of my ticket? I'd be looking to arrive in Linz on or before the 21st of October … (2016-10-03)
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  • … , Lucerne-Innsbruck, Innsbruck-Munich, Munich-Linz, Linz-Prague, Prague-Krakow night …

    … to Chur, Zurich, Luzern, Innsbruck, Munich, Linz, Prague, overnight to Krakow, overnight to Vienna … (2014-05-07)

    Tags: … , luzern, innsbruck, münchen, munich, muenchen, linz, prague, praha, krakow, vienna, wien …

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    • … ) 2.) Innsbruck to Munich 3.) Munich to Linz (Railjet trains) 4.) Vienna to Budapest … to Zurich (as part of your connection from Lucerne to Innsbruck) 3.) Linz to Prague You would purchase reservations by clicking on 'Book … (2014-05-07)
  • Train from Prague to Salzburg via Linz - Booking Prague to Linz segment concern as it is only available within 30 days in high season!

    … to Salzburg, by far the quickest route is to connect in Linz. However, the Prague to Linz route is only bookable 30 days … during high season? What happens if I book the second segment between Linz and Salzburg now and cannot get seats once the first opens up? Thanks in advance. Sincerely, Stressed (2019-05-08)

    Tags: austria, czech republic, linz to salzburg, prague, prague to linz, prague to salzburg, praha, railjet, salzburg, westbahn

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    • … , Great question. For these trains, I wouldn't worry about that. You should not have any issue getting that Linz-Salzburg train 30 days out. No reason … Tickets' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. For the options via Linz, you would just piece together the connection by doing a separate search … (2019-05-08)
  • Would love Tips for making a train connection in Linz, going to Salzburg from Prague

    … , it appears that there is no direct train and that we have to change trains in Linz Austria AND that the largest amount of time between trains, i.e. the only time available … (2014-03-25)

    Tags: salzburg, linz, prague, praha, austria, czech republic, point-to-point, open tickets, open ticket, connection time, train connection, getting oriented quickly in linz train station, missed train

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    • … Irene, Yes, that is more than enough time to change trains at the station in Linz. A common minimum connection time is 7 … minutes is sufficient for you to change trains at the station in Linz. In any case, you can view even more options and arrange for a connection … (2014-03-25)
  • Milan to Linz by train

    … gives the train number from Milan to Verona and from Innsbruck to Linz. Does any one know what is the train number and time from Verona to Innsbruck … (2013-05-07)

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  • Connecting Train PRAHA TO SALZBURG

    … by train. On train schedule we have to change train in Linz and time between connecting train is only 8 minutes. We are seniors … (2014-04-08)

    Tags: prague, linz, salzburg, praha, czech republic, austria, point-to-point, intercity, ic

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    • … time will be sufficient for you to change trains at the station in Linz. To arrange for a connection time of your choosing, you can just do a separate … for trains on this route are 'open tickets', which would enable you to take a later train from Linz to Salzburg, should you miss the specific train you choose … (2014-04-08)
  • Validity of open ticket

    I'm buying a ticket online for travel from Linz to Budapest June 11th. If i buy a ticket for the 10:08AM and miss it, will it still be valid for a later train? (2013-05-15)

    Tags: linz, budapest, austria, hungary, point to point, thank, you, for, your, help

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    • … train from Linz to Budapest is a train for which we would issue an 'open ticket' along with a separate reservation (issued as a separate document … (2013-05-16)
  • Frankfurt - Dresden - Prague - Salzburg - Munich

    Travelling high season in August, looking to arrive and do a loop as per above...would this simply be a 3 country pass with 4 travel days? Can I return to Munich Airport or do I have to go to the City Centre/Munich and make arrangements to get to the... (2017-05-22)

    Tags: … , inter city express, intercity express, linz to salzburg, meridian, munich to munich airport, prague, prague to linz, prague to salzburg, praha, railjet, salzburg, salzburg to munich, salzburg …

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    • … would just be recommended as a supplement to a rail pass. Trains from Linz to Salzburg are Railjet trains. When purchasing reservations for this route, you would just break up your search once in Linz. Therefore, you would do one search for trains from Prague to Linz and another search for connecting trains … (2017-05-23)
  • Are my routes covered by the Eurail Global Pass?

    Hi, I am struggling to work out if my planned routes are covered by the Eurail Global Pass (Youth, 2nd class, 15 days flexible in 1 month). I am traveling as part of a group of 4 youths. We will be travelling for 2 weeks in February 2019. Our routes are... (2018-09-07)

    Tags: … , jizni express, krakow, krakow to prague, linz to salzburg, poland, prague, prague to Česk … , wien, zurich, České budějovice to linz, České budějovice to Český krumlov …

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    • … train changes along the way; once in České Budějovice and then once in Linz. On trains from Český Krumlov to České Bud … , so the Eurail Global Pass is all you would need to board. Trains from Linz to Salzburg are Railjet trains on which reservations are only recommended … (2018-09-07)
  • Can we travel from Vienna to Prague with a stopover in Ceske Budejovice and Cesky Krumlov?

    We've been told to see Cesky Krumlov (Cesky Castle??) (2016-02-25)

    Tags: … , czech republic, prague, vienna, vienna to linz, point-to-point, ic, inter city, intercity, linz to České budějovice, praha, wien, ceske budejovice, České bud …

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    • … . Of the trains I mentioned, the ones that can be purchased through our website are Vienna to Linz, České Budějovice to Český Krumlov … search for each segment). We are not able to issue tickets for a train from Linz to České Budějovice; however, we can issue a ticket … (2016-02-25)
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