• Lorient to Dinan via train - is it possible to book in advance?

    … book tickets for a trip from Lorient to Dinan (Bretagne) on 5 July. I am uncertain if the website is working correctly for two reasons; The map … (2013-05-12)

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    • … . I do show that Dol is positioned correctly on the map that appears with the schedules from Lorient to there. It is shown to be in Brittany west of Paris … where you see it on our site. In any case, you can rest assured that your tickets will be issued correctly if you do a search for a rail connection from Lorient to Dol … (2013-05-14)
  • what is the best way to get from London to Lorient, France?


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    • … into the Nord station in Paris, while the trains from Paris to Lorient depart from the Montparnasse station. To get from the Nord station … months of an intended departure, while trains from Paris to Lorient can only be booked within 90 days of an intended date … (2012-04-09)