• When taking the Thalys from Paris to Maastricht, what station in Paris do you depart from?

    What train station do you leave from when taking Thalys from Paris to Maastricht? (2013-05-03)

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    • … the route. In contrast, tickets for trains from Liège to Maastricht are currently only able to be purchased locally in Europe. With that being the case, schedules for trains from Liège to Maastricht aren't able to be viewed on our website; however, these trains depart once every hour and the ride only takes … (2013-05-03)
  • stations in Maastricht - two questions: which station? is there somewhere we can store our luggage?

    we are travelling from Amsterdam to Maastricht in July and will be meeting people at the station. at which station would we be arriving? and, is there somewhere we can temporarily store our luggage for a few hours? (2016-05-06)

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    • … Rose, You would arrive into the Maastricht station. It does appear as though this station has lockers where you would be able to store your luggage. At stations … . You would check schedules and purchase tickets for a train from Amsterdam to Maastricht by entering the route on our homepage, www.raileurope … (2016-05-06)
  • Best way to get to Netherlands/American Cemetery from Amsterdam then to Munich

    We will be in Amsterdam at the very end of Oct/first of Nov. We are seniors. We want to go to Margraten to the Netherlands/American cemetery. Possibly stay one night then on to Munich. We have never traveled on the european rail system and would... (2012-02-03)

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    • … closest rail station to Margraten is Maastricht. You would then take a bus between the Maastricht rail station and Margraten. Tickets … locally. Margraten appears to be about 10 kilometers from Maastricht. To find fares and schedules for trains between Amsterdam … (2012-02-03)
  • Traveling only within Benelux, BUT flying to and from Duesseldorf from USA

    … flying in to Duesseldorf, then going by train to Maastricht, from there to Bruge then to Amsterdam and from there back to Duesseldorf to fly back to USA. We will take some short day … (2013-05-03)

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    • … that you will want to reserve the train from Düsseldorf to Utrecht (Utrecht to Maastricht regional train that does not accept seat … (2013-05-06)
  • Which ticket? A rail pass or individual point to point tickets?

    We are 4seniors travelling from Brussells to Bruge (2nights) to Antwerp (1night) to Amsterdam for 7nights with a few day trips then to Maastricht overnight and back to Brussels. what trail pass should we purchase if any. Sue (2012-12-13)

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  • Problems booking on TGV

    I have been trying to book through Rail Europe and I am so frustrated! First they tell me I can't book on the TGV on the second leg of my trip unless I pay $84 (after I've already agreed to pay a $36 reservation fee for the Brussels -CDG leg of the... (2013-09-16)

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    • … trip with the Eurail pass we went to the ticket window in Maastricht (a large city with an impressive train station … (2013-09-17)