• through the mountains from Lyon to Strasbourg

    I'm planning a trip from Lyon to Strasbourg, leaving Sunday and arriving Tues. or Wed. in the fall. I'd like to go by train through the mountains, provided that the train route is scenic, and stop the 2-3 nights en route in pretty towns along the way.( I... (2012-06-12)

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  • Chalon sur Saone to Lyon TER problem?

    I cannot book the normal TER trains from Chalon sur Saone to Lyon on the wekend of 1st October 2016. I can find no announcement for track work on this weekend. Is there a problem with the trains then? (2016-08-29)

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    • … on by rail to Lyon. You would purchase tickets for a train from Macon to Lyon or Le Creusot to Lyon by inputting the route … (2016-08-29)