• Large service dog on train from Lisbon to Malaga

    … find a way to get my service dog from the airport in Lisbon over to Malaga, Spain. I am reading that large dogs are not permitted … (2017-06-28)

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    • … from Lisbon to Madrid and a connecting train from Madrid to Malaga, you would purchase tickets by searching the route under 'Find … to Madrid and then another search for connecting trains from Madrid to Malaga the next morning. When you pull up the results of these searches, you will see that the night … (2017-06-30)
    • For time spent in Malaga, you can view various city passe and tours offered by clicking here: https://www.raileurope.com/en/activities/spain/malaga/. (2017-06-30)
  • travel from Malaga, Spain to Barcalona or even Ireland

    Are there trains from Malaga to Barcelona? also, from Malaga to Ireland? (2015-03-04)

    Tags: … és de nuit, ireland, madrid to barcelona, malaga, malaga to barcelona, malaga to madrid, paris to cherbourg …

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    • … , you would have to contact Stena directly. A rail connection from Malaga to Cherbourg would take about 24 hours in duration and involves … tickets and check schedules on our site. Therefore, you would do one search for trains from Malaga to Madrid (high-speed 'AVE' trains … (2015-03-04)
  • What if my flight is delayed & I miss my Renfe train from Madrid to Malaga?

    … at the Madrid airport at 8:35 am and want to take the train to Malaga at 11:35 am. I'll go from the airport to the train station … -- can I take a later one? It seems even the expensive exchange plan only works if you exchange it the day ahead. I'm only going round trip Madrid-Malaga, so I don't need a rail pass … (2017-07-27)

    Tags: ave, madrid airport to malaga, madrid atocha, madrid atocha station, madrid barajas … , madrid puerta de atocha, madrid to malaga, spain, atocha cercanias, cercanías 1, cercan …

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    • … only services trains to the city of Madrid. Trains to Malaga depart out of the Atocha station in the city proper … . Atocha Cercanías is adjacent to Atocha, from where your train to Malaga will depart. The Cercanías trains depart once every 30 … locally upon arrival. You would purchase tickets from Madrid to Malaga by searching the route under 'Find Train Tickets … (2017-07-28)
    • For time spent in Malaga, you can view various city passes and tours offered by clicking here: https://www.raileurope.com/en/activities/spain/malaga/. (2017-07-28)
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  • Cordoba to Malaga. Would the ticket include my train to the Malaga Airport?

    Dear Sir,I would like to travel from Cordoba to Malaga to catch the flight at 2.45pm on 23 Dec … include any bus service from the train station to the Malaga Airport?2. When would the train schedule of 23 … (2017-08-16)

    Tags: ave, andalusia, cercanias, cercanías málaga, cercanías de malaga, cordoba, cordoba to malaga, cordoba to malaga airport, cordova, malaga, malaga airport, malaga maria zambrano, malaga maria zambrano station, malaga station, spain

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    • … . If you purchase a ticket for an AVE train from Cordoba to Malaga, it would be valid to cover you (at no additional charge) on the trains … and they'll give you what you need to cover you on the Cercanías. You would purchase tickets from Cordoba to Malaga by searching the route under 'Find Train Tickets … (2017-08-17)
  • Alicante to Malaga. Does it have to be via Madrid?

    … travel from Alicante to Malaga on a senior rail card.I had one two year ago which I purchased in Barcelona when travelling back to Valencia … (2017-10-23)

    Tags: ave, albacete to ciudad real, albacete to manzanares, alicante, alicante to albacete, alicante to malaga, alvia, ciudad real to cordoba, ciudad real to malaga, malaga, spain

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    • … , I'm sorry, however, we do not offer a 'senior rail card'. From Alicante to Malaga, I'd say going through Madrid might be the most common way, but there actually are a few other feasible … on our website; however, tickets for the late AVE from Ciudad Real to Malaga are currently only able to be purchased by calling us. We can be reached at 1 … (2017-10-24)
  • Costa del Sol! How do I get to my destination on the Costa del Sol? Do I go through Malaga or Seville?

    … , Km 168. Also what is the fastest way by train to get there is it either via Seville or Malaga? Will we be doing any transfer or connecting trains, bus and others to get to our destination … (2015-07-28)

    Tags: ave, costa del sol, madrid to malaga, malaga, spain, point-to-point, c1, cercanías málaga, cercanías málaga c1, fuengirola, marbella, bus

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    • … . I'm sorry, however, we would not have any information about the proximity of stations to hotels and landmarks. However, Malaga is the station that services the Costa del Sol … , you can take a bus or taxi to get to other destinations along the coast. Buses from Malaga to Marbella, for instance, would take about 45 minutes. There are also local … (2015-07-30)
  • Tickets vs Pass for Malaga-Madrid-Barcelona R/T, Malaga-Seville, and Seville-Malaga

    If we are traveling from malaga to madrid, madrid to barcelona and one round trip, malaga to seville and back to malaga would it be better to buy separate train tickets or a pass? I keep finding different rail fares online. Thank you (2016-03-13)

    Tags: ave, avant, barcelona, barcelona to malaga, md, madrid, madrid to barcelona, malaga, malaga to madrid, malaga to seville, media distancia, renfe spain pass, seville, seville to malaga, spain

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    • … ). Assuming you take a direct train for your trip from Barcelona back to Malaga, your full itinerary would equal 5 segments … for a trip by doing a search on our homepage (www.raileurope.com). - Malaga to Madrid - AVE trains - Madrid to Barcelona … and MD (Media Distancia) trains - Seville to Malaga - Avant trains and MD (Media Distancia … (2016-03-15)
  • Malaga to Seville train - Ticket Flexibility

    HiMy plane lands in Malaga at 11.05am and theres a train I can get to Seville with a half hr changeover at Cordoba … (2017-07-14)

    Tags: exchange, malaga, malaga airport, malaga airport to seville, malaga to seville, sevilla, seville, spain

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    • … . Conveniently, these trains arrive into the main station in Malaga, where the trains to Seville will depart from. This station is the Maria … Train Tickets' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. From Malaga to Seville, you would take an 'Avant' train. Generally, trains … (2017-07-17)
  • Is there an extra charge to take Renfe trains in Spain? Traveling from Barcelona to Malaga

    Do we have to pay extra for Renfe trains in Spain? I see that there is a cost of $14 per person from Barcelona to Malaga. (2018-02-26)

    Tags: ave, barcelona, barcelona to malaga, eurail select pass, eurail spain pass, malaga, spain

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    • … cost whenever required by a particular train. Trains from Barcelona to Malaga are AVE high-speed trains, which do require reservations. You would purchase reservations from Barcelona to Malaga by searching the route on our homepage (www.raileurope.com), checking the box … (2018-02-27)
    • … will be required for many of your trips in those countries. The trains from Barcelona to Malaga, for example, do require reservations as a supplement to a rail pass … (2018-03-01)
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  • London to Malaga via Barcelona by Train in a day?

    … , so it is not possible to make the connection. The legs involved are, to my knowledge as follows: Malaga -> Barcelona (AVE) Barcelona -> Figueres (local … (2012-06-21)

    Tags: malaga, london, spain, england, great britain, united kingdom, elipsos, madrid puerta …

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    • … train from Madrid to Paris as part of the connection. First, you would take a train from Malaga to Madrid. Next, you would take the night train from Madrid to Paris … into the Puerta De Atocha station in Madrid on the train from Malaga, you would then have to commute down to the Chamartin station, where the night train … (2012-06-22)
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