• Luxembourg to Paris...how to switch trains in Metz Ville?

    From Luxembourg, we go to Metz Ville, change trains to Paris. When we exit the train at Metz Ville is the next train (to Paris) at the same station? (2014-04-07)

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    • … connection from Luxembourg to Paris that involves changing trains in Metz en route, you would depart for Paris from the same station … station in Europe, and that would be sufficient for changing trains at the Metz Ville station. To arrange for a connection time … (2014-04-08)
  • Would like to take a train from Metz to Longuyon for the day. What trains can I take for free using the Eurail Benelux-France Pass?

    … shown on the Eurorail app. For instance I am staying in Metz for 6 days and would like to take a train to Longuyon for the day … (2015-08-03)

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    • … Benelux-France Pass to take a train from Metz to Longuyon. The trains between Metz and Longuyon are regional 'TER … tickets locally. You can check schedules for trains from Metz to Longuyon by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules … (2015-08-07)
  • Is there train service between Geneva, Switzerland and Metz, France for September 2014 ? If so, what is the schedule and price list?


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    • … Christine, A rail connection from Geneva to Metz would take about 6 to 7 hours in duration and involves at least one train … from Geneva to Basel and another search for the part of the connection from Basel to Metz. These trains can only be booked within 90 days of an intended … (2014-06-04)
  • Taking a bicycle on a train from Paris to Brussels?

    Is it possible to take a fully assembled bicycle on a train from paris to brussels? Do I need to buy a separate ticket for the bicycle? (2013-07-02)

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    • … and involves changing trains twice along the way; once in Chalons en Champagne and then once in Metz. From Paris to Chalons en Champagne and Chalons en Champagne … from Paris to Chalons en Champagne and Chalons en Champagne to Metz. When you pull up the results of your search, these trains will be labeled … (2013-07-02)
  • May I take my assembled bike in a train from Paris to Berlin?

    I am planning a trip in Germany with my bike. Is ornate possible to travel by train from Paris to Berlin with an assembled bike? (2017-07-21)

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    • … 4 train changes along the way; once in Chalons en Champagne, once in Metz, once in Strasbourg, and then once in Offenburg. The segment from Offenburg to Berlin … from Paris to Chalons en Champagne, Chalons en Champagne to Metz, and Metz to Strasbourg. Therefore, you would need to call us if you wish to inquire about these schedules … (2017-07-21)
  • Luxembourg to Prague then to Paris

    Are there trains available for Luxembourg to Prague? I am starting in lux and want to go to Prague for two days, get an overnight train to Paris. Should I get the 5 country pass? That is what your website recommended,but it couldn't find a train from... (2012-04-16)

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    • … from Munich to Prague being on a bus). The train from Luxembourg to Metz does not even accept reservations, but the night train … not mean you would actually be getting off the train there. When you're on the train from Luxembourg to Metz, you would just show this additional ticket so that you'll be covered for the portion of the route … (2012-04-18)
  • Paris to Forbach

    What is the best way to travel from Paris CDG to Forbach France and return , ? (2013-06-28)

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    • … between Paris and Forbach involve changing trains once in Metz along the way. You would purchase tickets and schedules for connections between Paris … (2013-06-28)
  • Does Eurail Pass cover Barcelona, Lyon, Mulhouse, Luxembourg, Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, and Antwerp?

    Hi,we are coming from Colorado,USA this coming April.We need to know if the 4 country 15 day Eurail provides for regular (not high speed) passenger train travel thru Barcelona,Spain,to Lyon France to Mulhouse France,to Luxembourg,to... (2017-11-11)

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    • … and involve 2 train changes along the way; once in Strasbourg and the once in Metz. The trains making up this connection are regional 'TER … , schedules for the TER trains from Mulhouse to Strasbourg and Metz to Luxembourg can be viewed on our website. However, schedules from the middle … (2017-11-13)