• Does Eurail Pass cover Barcelona, Lyon, Mulhouse, Luxembourg, Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, and Antwerp?

    … travel thru Barcelona,Spain,to Lyon France to Mulhouse France,to Luxembourg,to Brussels,Bruge,Ghent … (2017-11-11)

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    • … days of an intended departure date. Mulhouse to Luxembourg From Mulhouse to Luxembourg, there are a couple direct TGV … . For planning purposes, schedules for the TER trains from Mulhouse to Strasbourg and Metz to Luxembourg can be viewed on our website … (2017-11-13)
    • … (Avignon Centre station) to Lyon. From Lyon to Mulhouse, there is an option that involves taking a regional TER … from Lyon to Belfort and then another regional TER from Belfort to Mulhouse. This option takes about 5 hours (as opposed … (2017-11-13)
  • 4 days in Switzerland - Basel/Mulhouse to Lauterbrunnen, exploring Lauterbrunnen (including Schilthorn), & return to Mulhouse - Which Rail Pass should I purchase??

    … visit to Switzerland for 2 people. We are flying into Basel / Mulhouse, taking the train to Lauterbrunnen, exploring the Lauterbrunnen area … (2018-07-09)

    Tags: basel, basel to lauterbrunnen, basel to mulhouse, berner oberland, bernese oberland, bernese oberland …

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    • … CT Monday to Friday. The return from Lauterbrunnen to Mulhouse goes through Basel. The Swiss Half Fare Card … , so you would just have to purchase a regular ticket to cover you on a connecting train from Basel to Mulhouse. You would purchase tickets from Basel … (2018-07-12)
    • … flight into Basel / Mulhouse is coming from Montreal, is it a good idea to book train tickets from the airport to Lauterbrunnen … (2018-07-13)
  • Is it safe to stay in Mulhouse Station over night?

    I'm going from Munich to Paris and there will be 7 transfer hours in Mulhouse (France) and it is during mid night. I'm not sure if it is safe to stay inside the train station. Anybody knows? (2014-11-25)

    Tags: train station, mulhouse, over night

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  • Transfer time between trains at Mulhouse Ville Station

    … from Avignon to Lauterbrunnen. The TGV from Avignon goes to Mulhouse Ville and from there, we need to take another TGV to Basel. The transfer time between trains at the Mulhouse Ville station is only 9 minutes. Is this enough time to transfer from the TGV coming from Avignon (TGV 9583) the the TGV … (2013-03-31)

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    • … connection time will be sufficient for you to change trains in Mulhouse. To arrange for a connection time of your choosing, you can just do a separate … (2013-04-01)
  • Travel from Mulhouse France to Rome without entering Switzerland, so I can use an Italy- France rail pass

    … , 25. I want to travel in Italy, then in France. then I need to go to a conference in Switzerland, just over the border from Mulhouse France.After the conference, I will travel from Mulhouse back to Rome. How can I book a France- Italy rail pass that does not enter Switzerland. I think entering … (2012-01-30)

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  • Traveling with bike from Lyon to Zurich. Do the stations have elevators?

    Hi - I'm travelling from Lyon with my bike and panniers and need to change trains at Mulhouse Ville, going to Zurich. Do I have to push my bike up the stairs from the platform, or are there elevators on each platform? Natalie (2018-03-08)

    Tags: basel to zurich, belfort to mulhouse, bellegarde to geneva, france, geneva to zurich, ic, inter … to bellegarde, lyon to geneva, lyon to zurich, mulhouse to basel, switzerland, ter, zurich, assembled …

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    • … .com. Lyon to Zurich with assembled bike (via Belfort, Mulhouse, and Basel) If you need to keep your bike assembled, the connection from Lyon … and involve 3 train changes along the way; once in Belfort, once in Mulhouse, and then once in Basel. Assembled bikes are allowed on board … (2018-03-08)
  • Brussels to Berlin & Berlin to Paris with a bicycle

    I am new to the forum. I need to travel from Brussels to Berlin 31 March - 1 April.It is OK if I have to break this trip over two days, but I cannot find any trains accepting bicycles that take me out of Brussels and closer to Berlin. I have tried... (2018-02-21)

    Tags: … , inter city, inter city express, intercity express, mulhouse to belfort, müllheim baden … , müllheimbaden to mulhouse, offenburg to müllheim baden, offenburg to müllheimbaden, paris, ter, tgv, tgv …

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    • … train changes along the way; once in Offenburg, once in Müllheim(Baden), once in Mulhouse, once in Belfort (Belfort Ville station), once in Besan … to Müllheim(Baden), and the trains from Müllheim(Baden) to Mulhouse. These are currently not able to be booked on our website. We can be reached at 1 … (2018-02-21)
  • How to find trains from Beaune to Colmar & Colmar to Reims? Confused about finding information on your site

    We want to travel from Beaune France to Colmar on one date, Oct 6, and from Colmar to Reims a few days later, Oct 10. Having trouble finding trains and reservations on RailEurope. In one case I can find a much better connection (Colmar to Reims) on the... (2014-08-03)

    Tags: … , france, tgv, tgv est, dijon, mulhouse, beaune, beaunechagny, beaune chagny, lyria …

    · Answered · 2 replies
    • … 2 train changes en route; once in Dijon and then once in Mulhouse. Once again, only the middle segment would be on a train that would require reservations … is all you would need to board. You would only purchase reservations on the train from Dijon to Mulhouse, since these are high-speed TGV or TGV Lyria … (2014-08-04)
  • How do you get from Italy(Bologna) to Barcelona?


    Tags: bologna, barcelona, italy, spain, civitavecchia, ferry, grimaldi lines, grimaldi ferry, mulhouse, port bou, point to point, geneva med tgv, ave

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    • … changes along the way; once in Milan, once in Arth Goldau, once in Basel, once in Mulhouse, and then once in Port Bou. Generally, you can purchase tickets … ' on the homepage of our website (www.raileurope.com); however, the night train from Mulhouse to Port Bou is not able to booked there at this time. To book … (2013-08-12)
  • through the mountains from Lyon to Strasbourg

    I'm planning a trip from Lyon to Strasbourg, leaving Sunday and arriving Tues. or Wed. in the fall. I'd like to go by train through the mountains, provided that the train route is scenic, and stop the 2-3 nights en route in pretty towns along the way.( I... (2012-06-12)

    Tags: lyon, strasbourg, france, scenic, chambéry, chambery, bourg en bresse, macon, mâcon, besancon, chalon sur saone, belfort, mulhouse, colmar, point to point, basel, geneva, london, eurostar

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    • … sur Saone, Dijon, Besancon, Belfort, Mulhouse, and Colmar. Each of these cities do have rail stations along direct … (2012-06-13)
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