• Paris-Nancy, Nancy-Paris-Lourdes, Lourdes-Paris

    … in France in Septemberfirst day: from Paris to Nancy 2nd day: from Nancy to Paris to Lourdes (same day … (2018-04-21)

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    • … of an intended departure date. Paris-Nancy Between Paris and Nancy, there are direct TGV trains. The ride … .5 hours, one-way. TGV trains between Paris and Nancy do require reservations as a supplement to the rail pass … (2018-04-23)
  • TGV from Paris est to Nancy on Sunday

    I am planning to go to Nancy from paris est on 11th May Sunday. raileurope.com shows TGV train is available at 12:13 but other website http://www.bonjourlafrance.com/ shows no train on sunday at 12:13. which information i should consider correct? (2014-05-03)

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    • Hi Lalan Kumar, I show that the train from Paris to Nancy on May 11 at 12:13-13:43 is running. You can book tickets on our website at www.raileurope.com. Thank you, Jen (2014-05-03)
  • Can I find my booking online with booking number?

    I have called and made a reservation. How long does it take to receive the email confirmation and can I check my booking online? I was given a confirmation number. Thank you nancy (2017-08-30)

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    • Nancy, It would only be possible to view a past order if you submitted it online using an account you created. If you submitted your order through our website under an account you created … (2017-08-31)
    • Hi Jeff, Thank you for your response. Yes, I made my order by talking to the agent yesterday however, I have not received my booking summary through email. Should I call again to resolve? Thanks Nancy (2017-08-31)
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  • Toulouse to Barcelona January 2014 is this possible?

    Hi, I am trying to book a rail trip from Toulouse to Barcelona on the 8th January 2014, is there any options a available to us ? I can not see it on any site anywhere. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, Thank you, Nancy Australia In (2013-11-22)

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    • Nancy, You have contacted the North American ticket seller for the various national rail networks of Europe. We are generally … (2013-11-22)
  • Is the Chocolate Train trip available on Dec 22, 2015? How long it takes from Montreux to Broc (one way)?

    Hello. I need to know if the Chocolate trip is available nexiot december 22. Also I need to know how long it takes only one way from Montreux to Broc. This is because I would be in my route to Bern. Finally, please tell me if I have to make a... (2015-11-07)

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    • Nancy. I'm sorry; however, the actual Chocolate Train excursion from Montreux, with stops at the cheese factory and castle in Gruyères … (2015-11-09)
  • With a Eurail France-Switzerland Pass, what would I need to get from Visp to Disentis on the Glacier Express route & then Disentis to Andermatt?

    We have a Eurail Regional Pass (France/Switzerland) and want to book a one-way Glacier Express ticket from Visp to Disentis. After spending a short time in Disentis, we'd like to return that same day to Andermatt. Is this possible and how do we book? (2013-04-05)

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    • Nancy, A Eurail France-Switzerland Pass, even though it includes Switzerland, does not cover the portion of the Glacier … (2013-04-05)
  • I want to book a train from Paris to Caen. Also, Versailles and Monet's Gardens/Giverny?

    my husband and I would like to take a day trip from PARIS to Caen for the day. What train is best and do we rent a car from Caen or are their taxis from train station? Can we also use this train pass to go to Versailles and Monet Garden's on another day? (2014-05-16)

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    • Nancy, There is a train station right in Caen. You would purchase tickets and check schedules for trains between Paris and Caen … (2014-05-16)
  • How can I get from Paris Charles De Gaulle to Menerbes in Provence? Then heading back to Paris.

    We are flying into Charles de Gaulle Airport on Air Canada on October 4th. Our final destination is Menerbes in Provence. We plan to take the train to either Avignon or Marseilles and rent a car there. Our flight arrives in Paris at 8:30 AM. How easy... (2014-07-26)

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    • Nancy, If you don't happen to rent a car, the closest rail station to Ménerbes looks to be Cavaillon, which is located on a regional … (2014-07-28)
  • How long would it take from Nuremberg to Northern Sweden?

    I will be ending a river cruise in Nuremburg, Germany and am wondering how long it would take me to get to Northern Sweden on a train. (2016-06-26)

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    • Nancy, A connection from Nuremberg to a place like Boden would take about 36 hours in duration. From Nuremberg to Luleå would take about 37 … (2016-06-27)
  • is it possible to go from barcelona to toulose by train?

    I would like to go from Barcelona to Touluse by train. But i can't find is it possible or not. (2012-05-17)

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    • Hi we are trying to book without success this route for the 8th January 2014. Even though it is less than 60 days away I can' t it on any site is this route available still? Would appreciate any help at all please, Thanks so much, Nancy West Australia (2013-11-21)
    • Sorry,the trip we want is from Toulouse to Barcelona on the above date. Thanks Nancy (2013-11-21)
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