• Travel through 4 countries, but your Pass Finder tool tells me to purchase the pass for 5 countries. Brussels-Frankfurt, Frankfurt-Lugano, Lugano-Parma, & Parma-Rome

    … Brussels to Frankfurt am Main and then Lugano, Switzerland to Parma, Italy then Parma Italy to Rome. I count as 4 … (2017-05-15)

    Tags: … to milan, lugano to parma, milan to parma, parma, parma to bologna, parma to rome, rome …

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    • … in duration and involves changing trains once in Bologna along the way. From Parma to Bologna, there are regional trains, Frecciabianca trains … date. You can view schedules for the regional trains from Parma to Bologna by clicking 'No' where it asks you 'Are you traveling with a rail … (2017-05-17)
  • Reclining seats on night train from Parma to Naples?

    … travelling on a night train from Parma to Naples (8.5hrs) in May. Is there any way to know if the seats recline? Do all of the train's seats … (2016-02-04)

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    • … Emily, The only seats on the night train from Parma to Naples are in 2nd class. These seats do recline slightly … (2016-02-04)
  • Cinque Terre to Venice?

    traveling from Cinque Terre, guess through Pisa or somewhere close, going to Venice for a few days on Sept 23rd, Wednesday. Best train to get there ? (2015-09-11)

    Tags: … , la spezia to bologna, la spezia to florence, la spezia to parma, la spezia to pisa, la spezia to venice, le frecce … to florence, monterosso to pisa, monterosso to venice, parma to bologna, pisa to florence, regionale, regionale …

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    • … . The option via Bologna involves another train change in Parma in between La Spezia and Bologna. For the option via Florence, you would do one search … (2015-09-14)
  • Munich to the Cinque Terre

    I would like to travel to Cinque De Terry in Italy from my starting point of Munich in Germany. What will it cost by train. How long will it take. Thanks (2015-09-23)

    Tags: bologna to la spezia, bologna to parma, brennero, brennero eurocity, cinque terre, ec, eurocity …

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    • … . Otherwise, there are options involving changing trains in Bologna and then Parma. You can search schedules to any of the 5 towns of the Cinque … or Milan to La Spezia are mostly InterCity trains. Trains from Parma to the Cinque Terre are regional (Regionale or Regionale … (2015-09-24)
  • # days for a pass and how does the price of ticket relate

    when I look at booking and state I have a pass I am given a price. Rome to Florence is $54.00 and Florence to Parma is $108....I am travelling on two separate days so I am assuming it would be 2 days of travel even though one price is double the other? (2013-04-09)

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    • … of departure. The reservation costs for some of the options from Florence to Parma will end up being more than the trip from Rome to Florence, because some connections from Florence … along the way. If you will making your trips from Rome to Florence and Florence to Parma on separate days, then you would use up two days of rail travel … (2013-04-09)
  • Best way to get around Spain & Portugal? Barcelona-Granada-Lagos-Lisbon-Porto-San Sebastian

    Barcelona to Granada to Lagos to Lisbon to Porto to San Sebastian. Anyone know the best possible way of getting around? Trains/buses - day and or overnight?? Help please! :) (2012-06-17)

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    • … , so the rail pass is all that would be needed to board. The trains from Parma to Bologna that would make up this connection are high-speed 'Frecciabianca … your Rail Pass Reservations', you would do one search for trains from Parma to Bologna and then another search for connecting trains from Bologna … (2012-06-21)
  • Honeymoon Help!! Turin-Vernazza, Vernazza-Bologna, Bologna-Lake Como, Lake Como-Interlaken, Interlaken-Lauterbrunnen, Interlaken-Paris

    Hi there - My husband and I are headed to Europe for our three week honeymoon (!!). We're looking at getting the 15 day non-consecutive Eurail Global pass - 1st class, but I'm very confused as to what this pass actually provides and if there are any... (2019-04-02)

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    • … , and the Eurail Global Pass is all you would need to board. For the segment from Parma to Bologna, there are regional trains, IC (InterCity … to Bologna. If you take an IC or Frecciabianca train for the Parma-Bologna segment, you would purchase reservations by indicating that you have a 'Eurail … (2019-04-03)
  • Rail pass for Marseille, Avignon, Genoa, Cinque Terre, Verona, Venice, Bologna, & Florence?

    I will be traveling through 9 cities. They are Marseille, Avignon, Nice, Genoa, Cinque Terre, Verona, Venice, Bologna and Florence. Can you help me with a rail pass for these cities? Are there trains connecting all these cities? (2014-05-20)

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    • … would involve 3 train changes along the way; once in La Spezia, once in Parma, and then once in Bologna. Most trains from Monterosso to La Spezia are regional … that don't accept reservations, as are all trains from La Spezia to Parma. About half of the trains from Parma to Bologna require reservations, while the other half don't accept … (2014-05-21)
  • 10 days explore europe

    Dears we have 10 days to explore Europe. Our Plane will land in Barcelona, would like to see Cordoba, Switzerland, Parma Italy, Germany. Interested in Natural Scenes & Beauty. Kindly provide guidance in Planning. (2016-09-01)

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