• Can I use the Eurail Poland Pass for Krakow-Prague night train? Or do I need a separate ticket from the border to Prague?

    I have a Eurail Poland Pass. Can I use it on Krakow(Poland)-Prague(Czech) Night Train? OR do I need to buy a separate Ticket from Poland border to Prague? (If yes, How?) Help! (2016-06-09)

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    • … overnight train from Krakow to Prague with only a Eurail Poland Pass, you would just need the reservation and a ticket from the Polish/Czech border to Prague. Specifically, the ticket you'll need to go with your Eurail Poland Pass and the reservation is a ticket from the town of Zebrzydowice … (2016-06-13)
  • Using Poland Pass with Select Pass for travel between Warsaw and Berlin

    I have a 5 Day Poland Pass and a 4 Country Select Pass that includes Germany...How do I reserve seats for travel between Warsaw and Berlin while taking advantage of both passes? (2012-05-27)

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    • … on the website, since you cannot enter two different passes for passholder fares, I would recommend stating that you have a Eurail Germany Poland pass. This will then pull up the correct passholder fares that you will need to get you from Warsaw … (2012-05-27)
  • Eurorail Pass in Poland

    … understand which parts or trains the Eurail Pass cover in poland ? Does it covering all of the train types and companies (like EIC, TLK, IC, EIP, REG … (2016-10-02)

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    • … is to cover trains between different cities. For the Eurail Poland Pass, you would click here: https://www.raileurope.com/rail … , so you would have to pay to board locally. Lublin to Gdansk (with a Eurail Poland Pass) As I mentioned above, a connection from Lublin to Gdansk … (2016-10-03)
    • Note: The only rail pass that can include Poland are the Eurail Global Pass, the Eurail Poland Pass, and the 2 country option of the Eurail Select Pass for Germany and Poland. (2016-10-03)
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  • I need to book a Eurail Pass that includes Poland. Travel will be to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and Poland

    Can I book a eurail pass to go to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic & Poland? Thanks (2015-08-22)

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    • … /index.html. Otherwise, you could purchase the 'Eurail Germany-Poland Pass' in combination with the 'Eurail Austria-Czech … .com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-germany-poland-pass/index.html. You would purchase the 'Eurail … within 30 days of an intended departure date. Please note, Poland is not able to be included on a 'Eurail Select Pass … (2015-08-24)
  • How can I travel from Poland to surrounding countries if the Eurail Global Pass doesn't include Poland? Are there any passes that include Poland?

    … read correctly, the global pass doesn't include Poland.... But if I want to have Poland as my "base" and have the Poland east pass - if I want to add Germany can that be done or is that a 2nd pass that is needed? Better yet - what is the best pass? :) Looking for suggestions. I will be on a temp assignment in Warsaw for 8mos … (2012-01-29)

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    • … .com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-germany-poland-pass/index.html. If you intend to travel … , Germany and the Czech Republic, then you can purchase a Eurail Poland Pass, in combination with a Eurail Czech Republic … : http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-poland-pass/index.html. You can purchase the Eurail … (2012-01-30)
  • traveling to Poland and the Czech Republic

    I am traveling in Poland and the Czech Republic, but don't see the 2 countries as a choice to travel using the Select Pass (2 country). Why isn't this an option since they are connecting countries? (2016-03-03)

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    • … , there is no dual country option for just Poland and the Czech Republic. The only single rail pass both of these countries are included on is the Eurail Global Pass, but the Eurail Global Pass is the pass that covers 28 different … passes for these countries (the Eurail Czech Republic Pass and the Eurail Poland Pass) or regular tickets … (2016-03-10)
  • What is the best option? Krakow to Prague night train with Eurail Global Pass!

    … after Krakow is Prague. Is it possible to validate our Eurail Global Passes in Poland and only have to pay the portion of the trip up to the Polish/Czech … person or 2 person. The Eurail Poland pass is cheaper than the two poland tickets combined, but does … (2013-02-14)

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    • … will be valid from that point. The Eurail Poland Pass is not valid for international travel. You will be required to make reservations on the night train. You can make reservations from our online system … (2013-02-15)
    • … assured, it would only use up 1 day of travel on you rail pass for you to take this night train. For this trip, you would enter the date … . The rail pass would be validated right on board the train when the conductor passes by. There is no way to validate the pass at stations in Poland … (2014-09-22)
  • With a pass for "two people traveling together", can you travel solo if the other person drops out at the last minute?

    If on a "two people traveling together" Poland/ Germany Pass one person drops out at the last minute, can the solo traveler use this pass by himself only ? (2016-11-26)

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    • … Once the pass is validated, one of you would be able to travel without the other; however, only one voucher would be issued for the entire party. Therefore, it would not be possible for both of you to travel concurrently. For the two country Germany-Poland option of the Eurail Select Pass, you would click here: https://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes/eurail-germany-poland-pass/index.html … (2016-11-28)
  • How to travel through Poland with Eurail Global Pass

    … ...I bought an EURAIL Global Pass and understand that it cannot be used for travel to Auschwitz (POLAND). What are my options if I want to take the D403 (overnight … onwards from Auschwitz to Prague on the same day? I don't want to buy a poland pass because I'm only going to one city/town. I know that the train stops … (2012-12-19)

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    • … 'Oswiecim'. Since the Eurail Global Pass does not cover travel in Poland, you would have to purchase a separate ticket … train with the Eurail Global Pass, the ticket you would purchase to cover you in Poland would be an open ticket from the town of Zebrzydowice … (2012-12-19)
    • does the Eastern Europe rail pass cover Poland train travel? (2013-06-08)
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  • if I use 2 different passes for 1 route, would it use up a day of travel on both of the passes i use? traveling from warsaw-berlin, dresden-prague, prague-munich & munich-salzburg

    … and Germany. It looks like buying an Eastern European Pass and a German Rail Pass would be my best bet, but I am unsure … (2012-04-01)

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    Tags: warsaw, berlin, dresden, prague, munich, salzburg, poland, germany, czech republic, austria, european east pass, german rail pass, passholder 2, passholder 2 rate, passholder 1, passholder 1 rate, bus

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    • … 2 rate for travelers in possession of a pass that covers Poland, not just Germany). To ensure you are purchasing the reservations … reservation search, you would just indicate that you'll be traveling with a Eurail Germany-Poland Pass when prompted to enter the type … (2012-04-03)
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