• Anyone know how to get from Amsterdam to Krakow in the fastest/easiest way possible? :)

    HI i want to go to krakow from amsterdam plz help (2015-01-22)

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    • … from Amsterdam to Krakow, the night train from Oberhausen to Poznan is currently not able to be viewed or booked on our website. Therefore, to purchase … from Amsterdam to Oberhausen and the night train from Oberhausen to Poznan can be booked within 90 days of an intended date … (2015-01-23)
  • Traveling from Sopot, Poland to Paris, France.

    Can someone help me find a rail route from Sopot, Poland to Paris, France? This is my first time in Europe and have never used public transportation. Can someone help me? Thank you very much! (2013-08-04)

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    • … ' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. However, the night train from Poznan to Cologne is generally only able to be booked within about 30 days … changes along the way; once in Berlin and then once in Mannheim. Like the trains from Sopot to Poznan, trains from Sopot to Berlin are not able to be booked on our website … (2013-08-05)
  • Berlin to Bydgoszcz, Poland

    I am planning a trip in early 2016 and want to fly into Berlin but then see some of Poland, particularly Posen and Bydgoszczy. Is there a train that will take me to these destinations? If so, which one and should I purchase a rail pass? (2015-05-14)

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    • … trains from Berlin to Bydgoszcz and direct trains from Poznan to Bydgoszcz; however, these are both currently not able to be viewed or booked on our website … a rail pass, you would still need to have reservations on the trains between Berlin, Poznan, and Bydgoszcz. If you intend on traveling between these cities only, your best … (2015-05-15)
  • Eurocup - Lyon to Gdansk

    i would like going to Gdansk (poland) to watch a game of eurocup. I'm looking for european train from lyon to Poland and from the 06/07/12 to the 06/11/12. Possible to find something? (2012-05-30)

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    • … and involves 3 train changes en route; once in Brussels, once in Cologne and then once in Poznan, with the portion of the trip from Cologne … to access the night train from Cologne to Poznan, and then another search for trains from Poznan to Gdansk the following morning … (2012-05-31)