• Best way to get around Spain & Portugal? Barcelona-Granada-Lagos-Lisbon-Porto-San Sebastian

    Barcelona to Granada to Lagos to Lisbon to Porto to San Sebastian. Anyone know the best possible way of getting around? Trains/buses - day and or overnight?? Help please! :) (2012-06-17)

    Tags: barcelona, granada, lagos, lisbon, porto, san sebastian, spain, portugal, eurail portugal-spain pass, seville, faro, albufeira, portim …

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    • … to Coimbra, where you would connect to the night train that goes to San Sebastian (Spanish Night Train). For travel … , but you would purchase these reservations locally as well. For your trip from Porto to San Sebastian, the trains from Porto to Coimbra and the night … (2012-06-19)
  • Best route to get from Sevilla to northern coast (Bilbao? San Sebastian?)

    … with my husband and 9 yr old child. We want to get from Sevilla to somewhere near San Sebastian in a day. I cannot figure out which destination I should chose or which exchange station would be best. I was going to stop for a couple days … (2018-02-26)

    Tags: … , basque, basque country, basque region, bilbao, madrid to bilbao, madrid to san sebastián, san sebastian, sevilla, seville, seville to bilbao, seville to madrid, seville to san sebastián, atocha, atocha station, cercanias …

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    • … ! We are trying to get from Sevilla to Hondarribia in one day. So are Bilbao and San Sebastian the best landing points not Irun or others? Madrid is the best hub from Sevilla? Is Zaragoza an option … (2018-02-27)
    • … (and city!). Is there a different rail station than the one called Bilbao Abando? I am looking for a train from Bilbao to San Sebastian, which looks so close on a map but the search function only brings up long train rides that go through Miranda de Ebro … (2018-03-01)
  • Train from Paris to San Sebastian & from San Sebastian to Rome

    Hi We want to travel from paris to San Sebastian and from San Sebastian to Rome. Please advise costs and best tickets to buy. thank You (2017-04-22)

    Tags: … , gare d'austerlitz, hendaye to paris, irun to san sebastián, italo, italy, le frecce, metro … metro, paris rer, paris to irun, paris to san sebastián, paris to turin, rer, san sebastian, san sebastian to hendaye, san sebastián to rome …

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    • For a stay in San Sebastián, city passes and tours can be found here: https://www.raileurope.com/en/activities/spain/san-sebastian/. City passes and tours for Rome can be found here: https://www.raileurope.com/en/activities/italy/rome/. (2017-04-24)
  • HELP! Reservations for train From San Sebastian to Bordeaux on June 29th

    … , France on June 29th. I know there is a train that leaves San Sebastian at 6:36 and arrives via Hendaye … (2012-05-10)

    Tags: summer schedule change, san sebastian, hendaye, bordeaux, spain, france, san sebastiandonostia, hendaya, san sebastian donostia

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    • … booking system, including trains along the route from San Sebastian to Hendaye (as part of the connection from Hendaye to Bordeaux … that you enter the station names when you do searches for trains they operate. For schedules from San Sebastian to Hendaye, you would type … (2012-05-11)
    • … note, you would only have to type San Sebastian and Hendaye as mentioned above if it is a point-to-point ticket search you are doing … to purchase reservations under 'Book a Reservation for Your Pass', you would just type the cities as 'San Sebastian' and 'Hendaye' when you do your search … (2012-05-11)
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  • Would meals be served in 1st class on the Alvia trains from San Sebastian to Barcelona?

    When reading about the Alvia trains on Renfe, I noticed that with Preferential Class going from San Sebastian to Barcelona that there are no food served in seat as it would be for other distances. Is this true? (2013-02-07)

    Tags: alvia, spain, meals on trains, san sebastian, barcelona, san sebastian to barcelona

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    • Hi Erika, The route from San Sebastian to Barcelona is considered long distance. You will have a meal served at your seat on this train. (2013-02-08)
    • Update: I'm sorry, however, meals are no longer included in any class of service on trains from San Sebastian to Barcelona (Alvia trains), although snacks and beverages would be available for purchase on board. (2014-11-24)
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  • San Sebastian Spain Train Station

    … to Paris. Does anyone know what train station this leaves from in San Sebastian? Is there only one station there? When we arrive in Hendaye does … (2013-06-19)

    Tags: san sebastian, san sebastián, saint sebastián, saint sebastian, donostia, san sebastian donostia, spain, spain, hendaye, hendaia, france

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    • … train station that services San Sebastian. It would just be called the 'San Sebastian station' and would not have any other name, though you may see it referred … ' station. Donostia is just the Basque name for the city of San Sebastian. Rest assured, your train from Hendaye … (2013-06-19)
  • How to get from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela?

    What is the best way to go from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela Can make a train connection in Burgos? What would be the travel time? Please help. (2016-01-08)

    Tags: basque, basque country, donostia, galicia, ic, intercity, san sebastian, san sebastian to santiago, san sebastian to santiago de compostela, santiago de compostela, spain, point-to-point, santiago

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    • … Maria, There is actually a direct train from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela. The ride takes just over 10 … . However, the rail network of Spain has currently only enabled the San Sebastian-Santiago de Compostela train to be booked for dates up until February 7th. If your intended departure date … (2016-01-11)
  • Is there train service from Pamplona to San Sebastian?

    I'm looking to travel from Pamplona to San Sebastian on Wed, July 8th, but I keep getting the message that itinerary is not currently available... (2015-05-30)

    Tags: alvia, pamplona, pamplona to san sebastian, san sebastian, spain, point-to-point

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    • … . Yes, there are direct trains from Pamplona to San Sebastian. The trains between Pamplona and San Sebastian are 'Alvia' trains. Generally, you would be able to purchase tickets and check schedules for these trains by clicking on 'Find … (2015-06-02)
  • Madrid to San Sebastian train schedule

    I am planning to go to San Sebastian (Donostia) from Madrid in September but the website is not giving me the option to get a reservation. Please let me know the train schedules for this route. Thanks. (2012-07-04)

    Tags: san sebastiandonostia, san sebastian donostia, madrid chamartin station, chamartin, madrid chamartin, chamartin station

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    • … , you would just enter a date within the next 60 days to get an idea of cost and view schedules when searching the route from Madrid to San Sebastian on our website … (2012-07-05)
  • Getting from Bordeaux to San Sebastian on the day of. Can these be e-tickets?

    … book a train from Bordeaux to San Sebastian for July 27th, and it won't allow me to book it since I leave for Europe … doesn't allow e-tickets. Can I buy my ticket from Bordeaux to San Sebastian day of? It looks like there is only one train at 3:51 … (2014-07-22)

    Tags: bordeaux, san sebastian, san sebastian-donostia, san sebastian donostia, donostia, france, spain, basque region, basque country, basque, point-to-point, tgv, euskotren, eusko tren

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