• Travel with bike on trains from Algeciras (or nearby) to Santander?

    … tip of Spain in May/June and hope to get the train (with bike) back up to Santander. I've searched how to do this train trip but have struggled to find … (2016-12-17)

    Tags: … de atocha, puerta de atocha station, santander, spain, valladolid to santander, assembled bicycle, assembled …

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    • … on this stretch, a connection comprised of these trains all the way from Algeciras to Santander would take a considerable amount of time and would not even be possible within a time frame … Tickets' on our homepage, www.raileurope.com. For a trip from Algeciras to Santander, you would just have to piece together the connection by doing a separate search … (2016-12-20)
    • … .raileurope.com/raileurope/topics/southern-spain-to-santander-with-bicycle. With this option, you would be able to travel with your bike fully … back east to Madrid. My response to your question about travel from Cadiz to Santander advises how you travel with an assembled bike for the segments … (2016-12-20)
  • Is a Eurail Pass valid on Renfe FEVE trains in Spain? I plan to go from Hamburg > Paris > Irun > San Sebastian > Bilbao > Santander > Oviedo > Ferrol

    … trains from Irun, to San Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander, Oviedo and Ferrol then returning by most direct route … (2016-08-24)

    Tags: bilbao to ferrol, bilbao to santander, dortmund to paris, el ferrol, eurail select pass, eusko … , pass and reservations, san sebastián to bilbao, santander to oviedo, spain, tgv, tgv est …

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    • … . This trip does involve changing trains in Santander and then Oviedo along the way. The FEVE line all the way between Bilbao and Ferrol … (2016-08-25)
    • … route of the FEVE can be a long journey and requires connections. Bilbao Concordia to Santander takes 3 hours, Santander to Oviedo takes about 5 hours, and then Oviedo to Ferrol takes about 7 hours. I believe it's necessary to overnight … (2018-02-06)
  • Travel with bike from Cadiz to Santander?

    … to Cadiz in May/June and need to travel back to Santander by train with my bicycle (not folded or not in a box). I have read much of the information but still not sure if this journey … (2016-12-19)

    Tags: … , media distancia, puerta de atocha, santander, spain, valladolid to santander, cadiz to sevilla, cadiz …

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    • … between Seville and Madrid (on the way of the direct route from Cadiz to Santander). Even if there was an MD/regional train on this stretch, a connection … , where you would connect to another MD train or a regional train that would take you to Santander. Please note, the trains from Mérida or Cáceres to Madrid … (2016-12-20)
  • Travelling with a bicycle from Biarritz to Santander

    A group us plan to cycle from Santander to Biarritz in September. Is it possible for us to travel to the start of our ride from Biarritz to Santander by train with our Bicycles? (2018-07-16)

    Tags: … country, basque region, biarritz, biarritz to santander, euskotren, france, hendaye to irun, irun to palencia, palencia to santander, santander, spain, assembled bicycle, assembled bicycles, assembled bike …

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    • … comprised solely of regional trains. From Biarritz to Santander, a connection made up of regional trains would involve at least 3 … so that you can take your bike on board fully assembled. Palencia to Santander If you need to keep your bike assembled, you would have to take a Regional Express train … (2018-07-18)
  • 5 Bicycles July 8th - Madrid to Santander

    Hello, Just want to make sure we have the correct procedure for a group of 5 bicyclists going to Santander from Madrid. What Local station in Madrid is the best to depart from? and do we need to book in advance?....bikes are fully assembled. Thanks M. (2013-07-02)

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    • … for your bicycle locally at the station. The only possible connection from Madrid to Santander that would allow fully assembled bicycles on board … to Palencia, where you would connect to a regional 'R' train that continues on to Santander. Generally, you can purchase tickets by clicking on 'Find … (2013-07-02)
  • Trying to book a Santander to Avila Roundtrip but nothing is displaying online?

    Want to travel 1st class Santander to Avila,Spain and not going into Madrid and then back to Avila on Nov 5. No timetables or connections listed online.. Can it be done? (2015-08-19)

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    • … once in Valladolid along the way. Generally, you'd be able to purchase tickets for trains between Santander and Valladolid by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules … of departure. In the meantime, you can get an idea of the ticket costs and schedules for trains between Santander and Valladolid by using a date prior to September … (2015-08-20)
  • Bicycles on trains in Spain!

    … on this forum 6 years ago you were able to go from Santiago De Compostela to Santander taking regional trains with bicycles... is this true? And I have no information … (2019-05-14)

    Tags: … , md, media distancia, regional express, santander, santiago, santiago de compostela, santiago de compostela … , segovia, segovia to santander, spain, assembled bike, assembled bikes, bicycle, bicycles, bike …

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    • … €3. Unfortunately, there is no possible combination of these trains that could get you all the way from Santiago de Compostela to Santander within the span of a day, so you'd have to spend the night somewhere along the way. If you need to keep your bike … (2019-05-16)
    • … could be purchased right on our website. For tickets from Santiago de Compostela to Santander, you would just break up your search once in Palencia. For tickets from Segovia … (2019-05-16)
  • Is there a Train route from Santiago de Compostela to Oviedo, Gijon, Bilbao?

    Hello, we are travelling from Santiago de Compostela along the Costa Verde to Gijon, Santander, Bilbao and San Sebastian. Is there a train route? No driving for these senior travelers. Thank you (2018-04-07)

    Tags: … , ferrol to bilbao, ferrol to oviedo, oviedo to santander, santander to bilbao, santiago de compostela, santiago …

    · Answered · 2 replies
    • … to Ferrol and on the FEVE all the way from Ferrol to Bilbao (via Oviedo and Santander). The Eurail Spain Pass does not cover … Sebastián would still have to be purchased locally when you're there. FEVE trains from Santander to Bilbao arrive into the Bilbao Concordia station … (2018-04-09)
  • England to Fundao

    Hi, I would like to get to Fundao in Portugal by train from England. I would like to know both how I could get there if I got the ferry to Calais as well as the ferry to Santander. Thanks very much :) (2013-07-08)

    Tags: england, great britain, united kingdom, uk, britain, london, portugal, france, calais, paris, irun, hendaye, hendaya, fundão, santander, entroncamento, castelo branco, valladolid, point to point

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    • … ão, then you would have to call us at 1-800-622-8600. From Santander, you would connect with the same night train to Entroncamento in order to get to Fund … to board a train to Fundão. Only the portion of this route from Santander to Valladolid is able to be booked and viewed under 'Find Fares … (2013-07-08)
  • Is the Narrow Gage Rail Line on the north coast of Spain covered by the rail pass?

    If I purchase a rail pass for Spain, can I use it for travel on the narrow gage rail line that goes along the north coast? (2016-02-09)

    Tags: eurail spain pass, feve, spain, asturias, bilbao, el ferrol, ferrol, galicia, oviedo, santander

    · Answered · 3 replies
    • … along the northern coast of Spain between Bilbao and Ferrol (via Santander and Oviedo). As of recently, any 'Eurail' pass that includes … (2016-02-09)
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