• Do I need reservations to go from Bratislava to Kosice in Slovakia with my European East Pass?

    … European East Pass. Will I need reservations to go from Bratislava to Kosice in Slovakia? I know this will be a trip I take, but I won't know the exact day I make that part of the trip until I am already there, so I don't want to make a reservation for a day I cannot go. Can I just hop the train in Bratislava with my pass (2014-07-21)

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  • Does the train from Budapest to Prague go through Slovakia? If so, do I need to have Slovakia on my Eurail Select Pass?

    … Eurail pass for my time there. However, I am looking at the train schedules and maps I am confused about whether or not the train from Budapest to Prague goes through Slovakia. If it does I'll have to get a 4 country pass just for that train ride. Does … (2016-04-25)

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    • … , The direct train from Budapest to Prague does pass through Slovakia along the way. Therefore, to take this train you would have to either purchase the 4 country … ). You wouldn't actually get off the train in either Szob or Breclav; this would just be so you'd be covered to pass through Slovakia in the case that you get the 3 country Eurail … (2016-04-26)
  • Does the train from Prague to Budapest go through Slovakia? If so, would I have to pay extra if my railpass is only good for Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary?

    pass good for Austria, Czech Rep, and Hungary, and I want to take a train from Prague to Budapest, I'm not sure what happens if the train ever travels through Slovakia. The schedule shows a direct train … (2016-07-11)

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    • … to Budapest The direct trains from Prague to Budapest do pass through Slovakia. Therefore, if your rail pass does not include … for a connection that involves changing trains in Vienna, then you would not pass through Slovakia en route. Therefore, in this case, you would not need to purchase the supplemental … (2016-07-14)
  • Munich to Prague, Prague to Bratislava, Bratislava to Budapest, Budapest to Vienna, and Vienna to Munich. Is the Eurail Global Pass the best option?

    we want to travel from munich to prague to bratislava to budapest to vienna and returning to munich. is the global pass the best way to go? can we wait and make reservations at the various train stations as we move along? (2017-08-29)

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  • How to travel through Poland with Eurail Global Pass

    … provide guidance...I bought an EURAIL Global Pass and understand that it cannot be used for travel to Auschwitz (POLAND). What are my options … from Auschwitz to Prague on the same day? I don't want to buy a poland pass because I'm only going to one city/town. I know that the train stops in Bohumin … (2012-12-19)

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    • … Dana, Yes, the European East Pass covers Poland, as well as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary. You can check information on the European East Pass by clicking … (2013-06-10)
  • Prague-Budapest-Siofok-Prague....1 or 2 country passes?

    … for 2 nights, then straight from there back to Prague. Should I get rail passes for both Czech and Hungary, or because I will be either entering or leaving Hungary … (2012-05-23)

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    • … any 3 bordering countries). Since Slovakia is not able to be included on the Eurail Select Pass, you would purchase the European East … and Austria, as well as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary). You would purchase the European East Pass by clicking here: http://www.raileurope … (2012-05-24)
  • Possible Itineraries with a Central Europe Triangle Pass?

    … , Salzburg, and Prague. Would I be able to use the Central Europe Triangle Pass? If I wanted to go: Budapest-Salzburg Salzburg-Vienna Vienna … (2014-09-03)

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    • … East Pass (which is valid to cover travel in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria, as well as Slovakia) or regular point-to-point tickets. For information on the European East Pass, you would click … (2014-09-03)
  • How can I travel from Poland to surrounding countries if the Eurail Global Pass doesn't include Poland? Are there any passes that include Poland?

    … Poland.... But if I want to have Poland as my "base" and have the Poland east pass - if I want to add Germany can that be done or is that a 2nd pass that is needed? Better yet - what is the best … (2012-01-29)

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    • … or the European East Pass (which also happens to cover travel within and between the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria). Therefore, travelers going to many different … (2012-01-30)
  • Is the Eurail Global Pass valid on buses, tubes & ferries in countries like Austria, Germany, Czech, Slovakia, & Hungary?

    Is a Eurorail Global pass for three adults include free travel in buses, tubes and ferries too , for countries like Austria, Germany, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary ? (2015-07-13)

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    Tags: … republic, eurail global pass, germany, hungary, s-bahn, slovakia, u-bahn, bsb, berlin, blue danube schiffahrt, bodensee …

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  • European East Pass to cover Swidwin, Stargard Szczeciński, Wroclaw, Usti nad Orlici, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, & Salzburg. Also traveling from Salzburg to Munich

    … a trip, that will include Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. We are looking at the Eastern European Rail pass as we travel through Poland … (2012-04-06)

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