• Larger dog on train train from Paris to Barcelona?

    I have a larger dog, 30 kg, and would like to travel from Paris to Barcelona. As I understand he is not allowed on AVE, but can I take him in a private compartment on a nighttrain? (2015-08-12)

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    • … operating within Spain, it is true that larger dogs would not be allowed. However, dogs under 10 kg are allowed on Spanish trains if contained within an enclosed carrier (max … (2015-08-20)
    • … operating within Spain, it is true that larger dogs would not be allowed. However, dogs under 10 kg are allowed on Spanish trains if contained within an enclosed carrier (max … (2015-08-20)
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  • Domestic Night Trains in Spain - Madrid to Vigo, Barcelona to Vigo, Madrid to A Coruña, Barcelona to A Coruña, Barcelona to Gijon, & Barcelona to Granada

    … research on various options for domestic night trains in Spain via TrenHotel. None of the combinations listed on Eurail is working:Madrid … to Spain is for my kids to experience traveling in a sleeper train. I have no time to make the Spain/Portugal overnight route and so I was thrilled … (2017-01-17)

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    Tags: … ña, atlántico, atlántico night train, barcelona, barcelona to a coruña, barcelona to gij … , barcelona to la coruña, galicia, galicia night train, gijón, la coruna, madrid, madrid to a coru … to la coruña, rías gallegas, rías gallegas night train, spain, spanish trenhotel, vigo, vigo guixar …

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    • … the 'Economy' heading (2nd class) for fares. If, for any of these trains, you don't see the 'Quad Compartments' offered, you would call us … this construction has been going on for the past several years. Even the Spanish national rail network itself has no … (2017-01-23)
  • Does the Eurail Spain Pass cover AVE & EuroMed trains? If I buy regular tickets for an AVE train, would reservations be included? Does a Eurail Spain Pass cover the night train from Valencia to Granada?

    1) Can the SPAIN Flexipass be used on AVE and EUROMED trains ? 2) If I should buy a point-to-point tickets … and pay additional ? Or the ticket includes everything ? 3) Can the TRENHOTEL train (Valencia to Granada on night) be used on the SPAIN FLEXIPASS … (2012-10-23)

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    • … you mentioned (AVE and EuroMed trains, as well as the Spanish Night Train from Valencia to Granada). For travel with a pass, you would purchase reservations by clicking on 'Book … (2012-10-23)
  • Madrid to Barcelona Train--Says At-Home Ticket Printing is Unavailable?

    … living in Spain and am trying to buy a train ticket from Madrid to Barcelona. However, when I try to check out, and I select "already in Europe", I get an error … (2015-02-23)

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    • … from Madrid to Barcelona (high-speed 'AVE' trains or a 'Spanish Night Train') should be offered as 'print-at-home' e-tickets. There may currently be an error on our site preventing tickets … (2015-02-24)
  • How soon can I book the Barcelona > Granada night train?

    Looking to make a night train reservation from Barcelona to Granada, yet I am unable to do so. The travel date is about 5 weeks from now. Why am I encountering this problem? (2015-06-01)

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    • … of Spain has not yet loaded the night trains from Barcelona to Granada ('Spanish Night Trains') into the international booking … updates these schedules into the system very soon, hopefully within the next week or two. It is usually the case that trains in Spain can be booked once within 60 or 90 days … (2015-06-04)
  • What are the hours for the dining car on the night train from Barcelona to Granada?

    My reservation on the trenhotel from Barcelona to Granada says it includes a four course dinner, but the train departs at 9:30 PM. Would the dining car even be open? (2012-06-08)

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    • … ' compartments (Gran Class Single compartments or Gran Class Double compartments) on 'Spanish Night Trains' (including the night train from Barcelona to Granada) no longer include meals. The dining … (2014-12-02)
  • Does the night train from Granada to Barcelona run on Saturdays?

    … , having gone through Seville and Madrid on our way to Barca. Would like to take the Trenhotel but it seems our current travel day - Saturday- is the one day that there are no trains. Any input would be appreciated … (2014-04-21)

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    • … Nader, I'm sorry, however, the night train from Granada to Barcelona (Spanish Night Train) actually does not run … & Schedules' on our homepage and entering the cities. Generally, trains in Spain can only be booked within 60 to 90 days … (2014-04-21)
  • Barcelona to Granada Night Train

    Hello, ^^ Barcelona Granada Night train schedule search should not have This section operation did you stop ??? Can i still travel if the travel stop by ??? (2015-08-18)

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  • Trying to book the Granada to Barcelona night train

    … book the night train from Granada to Barcelona on Oct. 23, 2015. It keeps saying it can't find a schedule for this day … just to get an idea of price and it said it wasn't available then either. Are we missing something? Can we buy night train tickets for Oct. 23, 2015 at this time? Or do we have to wait … (2015-09-01)

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  • Train trip from Lisbon to Barcelona

    … , I liked your description on traveling from Lisbon to Barcelona thru Madrid by train. Do you have an idea on how much that route would cost and could you get on and off in smaller towns for a few hours … say 4 days and don't want to be on the train for longer than 3 days, and maybe stay in beautiful Spanish towns say 2 days. Hope this is not too confusing. Semos … (2016-01-14)

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    Tags: … to salamanca, lusitania, lusitania night train, lusitania overnight train, madrid, madrid atocha … , salamanca, salamanca to madrid, spain, zaragosa, zaragosa to barcelona, night train, point-to-point

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