• Best pass for Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia? Also, how can I reserve train from Budapest to Split?

    … a few days then going to Florence, Vienna, Budapest and Split. We will be flying back home from Split, Croatia. What would the best rail … trains to reserve for every one of those trips except for the trip from Budapest to Split. It is a long way so I assume taking an overnight trip would be the best option … (2015-04-04)

    Tags: … overnight train, austria, budapest, budapest to split, croatia, eurail select pass, hungary, italy, pass and reservations, split, cinque terre, florence, rome, rome fco airport …

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    • … some information on the direct overnight trains from Budapest to Split. Some information has been saying that it only runs Tuesday and Friday … or can it only be done at the station? My worry is that it will already be booked...... We will be travelling from Budapest to Split in mid-June. Could someone please provide more information on this trip … (2015-04-07)
    • … , and Sundays. It does run directly from Budapest to Split, so you would not have to change anywhere en route. The night train from Budapest … , including the Adria night train from Budapest to Split. We expect this train to be updated into the system some time … (2015-04-07)
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  • Trying to book St Johann Im Pongau to Ljubljana & Ljubljana to Split. No tickets between countries on RailEurope website?

    … , Austria to Ljubljana, Slovenia and from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Split, Croatia. I've even tried booking to border stations, like Villach … (2016-05-01)

    Tags: … , inter city bus, intercity bus, ljubljana, ljubljana to split, ljubljana to zagreb, slovenia, split, st johann im pongau, st johann im pongau to ljubljana, st johann im pongau to villach, st. johann im pongau …

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    • … days of an intended departure date. Ljubljana to Split The daytime connection and the overnight connection from Ljubljana … bus that runs the full route from Ljubljana to Split. You can purchase tickets for trains from Ljubljana to Zagreb … from Ljubljana to Zagreb and another search for connecting trains from Zagreb to Split. When doing your search for the trains from Zagreb … (2016-05-03)
  • Split or Dubrovnik, Croatia to Greece with rail pass

    What is the fastest why other than air to travel from (Split or Dubrovnik ) to Greece? And will I need to purchase additional ferry tickets? In addition to the Eurail pass? Or would it be better to leave from Italy? Thank-you! (2016-06-23)

    Tags: dubrovnik, hellas express, belgrade to thessaloniki, croatia, greece, pass and reservations, split, split to zagreb, zagreb to belgrade, night train, overnight train

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    • … . Tickets for both the bus and the ferry can only be purchased locally when you're there. From Split, you would take a train up to Zagreb. For a connection to Greece, your best … to a rail pass. Currently, however, only the overnight train from Split to Zagreb would be able to be booked on our website. To purchase reservations … (2016-06-24)
  • Munich to Split to Dubrovnik

    How long does it take to travel by Rail Europe from Munich to Split, and then by public transport from Split to Dubrovnik? (2017-04-29)

    Tags: croatia, ec, euro city, eurocity, germany, lisinski, lisinski euronight, lisinski night train, lisinski overnight train, munich to dubrovnik, munich to split, munich to zagreb, split to dubrovnik, zagreb to split, point-to-point, dubrovnik, munich, split

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    • … from Munich to Zagreb and then a day train from Zagreb to Split. You would purchase tickets by searching a route under 'Find … Tickets' on our homepage, www.raileurope.com. For a trip from Munich to Split, you would just have to break up your search once in Zagreb. Therefore, you would do one search from Munich … (2017-05-01)
  • Split, Croatia to Salzburg, Austria. Also travel in Austria, France, & Italy. Is there a pass to cover all these countries?

    Split to Salzburg on Saturday 6th of September 2014. Is it possible to use the Austria, Slovenia, Croatia pass on your website … (2014-06-24)

    Tags: split, salzburg, croatia, austria, eurail austria-croatiaslovenia pass, eurail select pass, eurail global pass, croatiaslovenia, croatia-slovenia, slovenia, pass and reservations, eurocity, euro city, ec, italy, france

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    • … of rail pass you'll be traveling with when prompted. For the trip from Split to Salzburg, you would piece together the connection by doing a separate … for each segment. Therefore, you would do one search to access the overnight train from Split to Zagreb and another search for connecting trains from Zagreb … (2014-06-24)
  • Mannheim to Rijeka or Split? Cannot find trains - always says..."can't find tickets or schedules"....

    … in Croatia that show rail lines on your Map of Europe (Split, Rijeka), the website always says "At this time, our online system can't find … (2014-07-22)

    Tags: germany, croatia, mannheim, rijeka, split, dalmatian coast, eurocity, euro city, ec, intercity express, inter city express, ice, euronight, point-to-point, munich, m√ľnchen, muenchen, zagreb

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    • … changes along the way; once in Heidelberg and then once in Zagreb. The segment from Zagreb to Split would be on an overnight train. However, the train from Heidelberg to Zagreb … from Mannheim to Heidelberg and the night train from Zagreb to Split by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage … (2014-07-22)
  • Venice to Split, Croatia by train

    … connection doesn't seem to recognize the Croatian cities. We would like to go from Venice to Split via train, keeping to the Croatian coast as much as possible. I think we will have to go through Zagreb, but I can't find any schedule giving me the times of this journey or the cities you go through. I understand there is a high-speed train to the Zagreb-Split line. Any help would be appreciated … (2012-02-17)

    Tags: venice to split, venice to zagreb

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    • … find the fares and schedules for service from Venice to Split it is necessary to break up the journey into two searches from Venice to Zagreb and Zabreb to Split due to the length of the journey and the number of connections. The service from Venice to Zagreb will consist … (2012-02-17)
    • … to Zagreb on train? And isn't there now a "fast" train from Zagreb to Split? How long does it take for each of those legs? What is the distance from Venice to Ancona … (2012-02-17)
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  • Zagreb to Split

    … busy is the train from Zagreb to Split in early October? I know I need to make a reservation but can I make the reservation when I first arrive in Zagreb for 2 … (2015-07-01)

    Tags: croatia, split, zagreb, zagreb to split, point-to-point, adria

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    • … that tickets (or passholder reservations) for the train from Zagreb to Split be purchased as soon as possible, prior to departing for Europe. Generally … day booking horizon for trains from Zagreb to Split, you would just enter an earlier date in order to get an idea of the ticket costs … (2015-07-02)
  • What are the catering facilities on Croatian trains from Split to Zagreb?


    Tags: croatia, split, split to zagreb, zagreb, bar car, dining car, meals, meals on trains

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    • … in Europe; however, long-distance trains (including the train from Split to Zagreb) will have a food service of some kind, be it a bar car … (www.raileurope.com) and entering the route. Generally, the trains from Split to Zagreb can be booked once within 60 days of an intended … (2016-02-12)
  • What should I purchase for a trip from Barcelona to Split, France (Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes), Split, France to Paris, & Paris to Barcelona?

    I want to travel from Barcelona, Spain to Split, France or nearer the Shrine of our Lady of Lourdes, what plan shall I buy? (2015-07-14)

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    • Then from Split, France to Paris, then back to Barcelona (2015-07-14)
    • … town called Split in France. If it's Lourdes you want to visit, a connection to there from Barcelona would take about 6 to 7 hours … (2015-07-15)
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