• Train and station information

    I called you 800# to ask about trips from Prague to Vienna and then Vienna to Budapest. No one there could tell me what rail company was being used - what the station names or addresses were. They said there was a web chat on the website but I don't... (2014-03-10)

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  • 13 Days in Spain and fly into Madrid - Need guidance on trip planning

    … and Morrocco or Lisbon. Will be in Madrid for 3 days and 10 days for remaining places. Could you please guide me on best … (2018-07-19)

  • Excellent Customer Service!

    … July 2nd we took the Thalys TGV train from Paris to Amsterdam. My sister made the booking online and mistakenly … as our departure date. We didn't find the error until we boarded. Your train crew gladly helped us purchase new tickets for the trip … that our interactions with Jean-Pierre and Luc were fantastic. We were on train 9327 (14/2/07). Luc … (2014-07-07)

    Products: Thalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)

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  • Correcting a simple mistake...

    … that your site doubled my ticket purchase...2 tickets for the same train!! I IMMEDIAYELY opened a chat with you to get the one refunded. YOUR rep said "No, you made the mistake … (2019-06-03)

    Products: TicketReservationsTrenitalia Trains (Italy)Italo Trains (Italy)

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  • Great Price!

    … it's great! Now I just have to wait 1 or 2 days and I will have the tickets for my trip. Super … makes it possible for me. Would you guys recommend I call the train stations to make sure the reservations went through on their end as well? Thanks! Lara … (2013-04-29)

  • Kudos to Rail Europe's Customer Service

    … is in October 2015 and incompasses 8 days in Switzerland, mostly on scenic trains. THANK YOU, Jeff and Jen for all your information, you made our planning a little easier. Yesterday, I had the great pleasure … (2015-03-28)

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  • Reservations

    Is it necessary to purchase a Europass to make train reservations in Europe from the US? Can I just purchase the individual tickets I need in advance without a pass? (2019-05-29)

  • Overnight and Customer Service!

    I booked our passes and didn't understand the need for reservations until four days before our trip. I got on the phone got through to customer service and they saved the day. CHEERS To Glenn who talked me through my reservations and helped me stay calm! (2013-07-05)

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