• Getting organised! Train from Florence to meet up with the Glacier Express?

    Can we get a train from Florence to meet up with the Glacier Express? (2015-05-20)

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  • Why don't all trains show?

    … noticed that many routes that are mostly served by regional trains like TER in France and Renfe in Spain are not available using your site, on the other hand … find time tables and tickets for those routes. A good example is a train from Toulouse to La Tour de Carol is impossible to ticket … (2012-03-10)

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  • The European Rail Timetable - the must have resource for travelling by train across Europe

    Hello, I would like to recommend to all Rail Europe travellers, the European Rail Timetable. It is considered to be the InterRailer's bible.It is published six times a year in printed form and twelve times a year in digital form. The monthly edition... (2017-04-05)

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  • Why are reservation fees for TGV so expensive?

    … with the rail pass I can simply board virtually ANY train and travel to my destination - no reservations required. I don't mind … in France previously serviced by conventional IC trains are now serviced by only TGV, so you are virtually bound to play the reservation … (2015-08-26)

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  • 3 countries one month...

    … of pass as well... I'd much rather drive through Tuscany at my own pace rather than pass thru it on a train... I open to any and all suggestions?? Also, what are the best times of the year to do this... re: weather and pricing … (2012-02-06)

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  • Why no senior prices for Swisspass?

    15 Day EurailGlobal for Senior: $717 15 Day SwissPass for Adult (no senior selection available this site) $822 (2012-10-23)

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  • reserved seats

    Reserved seating : some train have open seating you can just get on the train with the global pass. If the seat is open (not reserved) next to the seat number … (2018-01-04)

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  • My Dream Vacation 2010

    … Rome ! We Purchase Fly tickets, hotels, Train, ctc, was perfect Our 1st City was on the French … Carlo,and that Part of the French Riviera was beautiful, after 5 Wonderful Days We took our Rail Europe from Nice to Gare of Lyon Station … (2012-02-05)

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  • Hilton HHonnors Rewards Program

    I am a Hilton Hhonors memeber and noted that if one buys ones pass through the Australian office one gets Hhonors points, but not the US one--explain! (2013-02-28)

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  • Italy and Germany. Need help !!Thanks

    If I need to visit cologne or dusseldorf from Italy which would be the closest city in Italy. The best option would be to take a flight or the train . Appreciate suggestions . Thanks (2019-06-23)