• Ceske Budejovice to Budapest Train Reservation with European East pass

    … message, "Sorry, There was an error when sending your request. Please try again in a minute." I have tried to reserve again and again but it was the same. Is this because the train are sold out or there is no available seat for reservation with European … (2012-08-02)

    Tags: budapest, european east pass, czech republic, hungary, pass and reservations, error, website error, train reservation

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  • Madrid to Barcelona Train--Says At-Home Ticket Printing is Unavailable?

    … living in Spain and am trying to buy a train ticket from Madrid to Barcelona. However, when I try to check out, and I select "already in Europe", I get an error … (2015-02-23)

    Products: TicketAVE Trains (Spain)Spanish Night Trains (Barcelona-Granada/Madrid)

    Tags: ave, barcelona, madrid, madrid to barcelona, spain, spanish night train, point-to-point

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  • No option for night train from Lisbon to Madrid

    … book a night train from Lisbon to Madrid, but there is no option to book a Turista class bed through the website … (2018-08-30)

    Tags: lisbon, lisbon to madrid, madrid, portugal, spain, lusitania, night train, overnight train, sleepers

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  • A disaster booking my train here

    … and paid for Comfort seat. When I got my email confirmation it was a train that night with the same departure time but Super Economy Premium … later and I am trying to send a message again but no luck. It is a non-refundable ticket but all I want to do is change it to the correct train in the morning. But the website does not allow that. Any tips … (2019-06-13)

    Tags: wrong train booked, can't contact rail europe, wasted a lot of time

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  • Phone left on train from Freiburg to Prague. Is there a Lost & Found at the Prague station?

    Hello, we left our mobile phone in the train 40470 (travelling from Freiburg to prague at 21:58, Coach 267, cabin 9 BED 51,55) how can we find the phone, is there Lost and Found Department in Prague train station? (2016-01-16)

    Products: At the Train Station

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  • Train from Pisa to Rome

    train from Pisa to Rome at 20:51-22:54 on … , the system keeps reply "There was an error when sending your request. Please try again in a minute" and have tried for almost whole day still not better. Is it out of booking? Or pls advice if there is any other … (2013-06-07)

    Tags: booking, train ticket, pisa to rome

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  • Direct train from Barcelona to Montpellier does not show up.

    Renfe is showing a direct trip from Barcelona to Montpellier on their site, however when i go to find that train on RailEurope I only get one that has a connection in Figueres Vilafant … . It appears I can connect to it in Figueres but not get it in Barcelona. Any idea who to schedule this train? Renfe site is a hot mess and would prefer to order from RailEurope … (2013-03-05)

    Products: TicketReservationsRENFE Trains (Spain)

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  • I haven't got an email confirming my train booking but money has been taken from my account

    … booked a return train ticket from Birmingham to Blackburn, the money has been taken from my bank account (£30) and has been issued as "pending". I haven't got an email confirmation of my booking. How do I get a reciept in order to print off my train tickets?? If this is not possible I demand a refund … (2017-02-11)

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  • Lost object on train in Germany

    Hi! I just travelled on the regional train RE4713 going from Karlsruhe to Appenweier in Germany, and I accidentally forgot a sweatshirt there. Is there any way I can try to get it back? Thank you (2016-08-01)

    Products: Deutsche Bahn Trains (Germany)

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  • Copenhagen to Aarhus - PANIC - can you buy tickets on the day?

    … in Copenhagen (from hong kong) in 3 days. Can you buy tickets on the day?? And if not, who do I call for special assistance … (2015-01-12)

    Tags: help, tickets, last-minute, denmark, copenhagen, 3 days

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