• Reservations

    Is it necessary to purchase a Europass to make train reservations in Europe from the US? Can I just purchase the individual tickets I need in advance without a pass? (2019-05-29)

  • 13 Days in Spain and fly into Madrid - Need guidance on trip planning

    … for remaining places. Could you please guide me on best feasibile route and best pass to buy Renfre or rail … (2018-07-19)

  • Overnight and Customer Service!

    I booked our passes and didn't understand the need for reservations until four days before our trip. I got on the phone got through to customer service and they saved the day. CHEERS To Glenn who talked me through my reservations and helped me stay calm! (2013-07-05)

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  • Mariana was very helpful! Thank you so much!

    Hi, I just called and spoke with Mariana about a concern that I had about upcoming travel. She was super helpful and so nice! She has put me completely at ease! Thank you so much for being there! (2014-06-24)

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  • Excellent Customer Service!

    On July 2nd we took the Thalys TGV train from Paris to Amsterdam. My sister made the booking online and mistakenly entered July 3rd as our departure date. We didn't find the error until we boarded. Your train crew gladly helped us purchase new tickets... (2014-07-07)

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  • Great customer service through US contact office

    I just spoke with a Customer Sevice rep, Sara L., today. I had called the U.S. contact number for RailEurope and requested a call back. Sara was amazingly helpful! It was a matter that required that I be transferred. I was on hold a short time and... (2014-07-07)

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  • Kudos to Rail Europe's Customer Service

    We have been planning our Switzerland trip for several months. The assistance from the RailEurope online crew has been invaluable in making decisions about our itinerary. Our trip is in October 2015 and incompasses 8 days in Switzerland, mostly on... (2015-03-28)

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