• Swiss Pass 2 for 1 question

    … purchased a Swiss Pass 2 for 1 Special you guys were offering. When i purchased it. The Conditions stated … this because im Traveling in March. But now when i check your website you have just updated the Swiss Pass 2 for 1 with a new condition that its only valid … (2012-03-03)

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    • Received the Swiss Pass 2 for 1 in the mail today. The tickets states it has restrictions on it Valid from April 1st … (2012-03-05)
  • Wrong date on Swiss Pass

    … an 8-days swiss pass for me and my wife. The first date of travel is not correctly appearing on the pass of my wife. I have mentioned 15/09/2017 as the first date … (2017-08-23)

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  • Booked Swiss pass. Received confirmation from RailEurope. But did not receive actual ticket/pass for printout.

    I booked Swiss travel pass via RailEurope yesterday. I got the confirmation as well. Was expecting Swiss pass in mail for printouts but did not get it. No customer service support so far in India (2018-12-24)

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  • Swiss Travel Pass not received by mail

    I got booking confirmation mail. Our swiss pass starts in 3 days days on 16-April . Kindly mail us the swiss pass at the earliest. (2019-04-12)

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  • Misspelled last name

    … booked an 8 day Swiss Travel Pass for me and my husband and apparently I slightly misspelled my last name on one of the tickets as "Schoenbaehler" instead of "Schoenbaechler". Will this be a problem? If so, how do I fix this? I have not printed … (2019-06-10)

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  • We leave the tickets at home,but I have a picture

    … brought Swiss pass 15 days for 2 persons from Thai agency "RTS Travel … flight to Europe we will be at Switzerland in 08/04/17 The problem is we leave swiss pass at Thailand. But we still have all picture of swiss pass and all invoice. Please kindly suggest us what should we can do ? Could we use the scan swiss pass with passport to use ? Now we didn't have enough money to buy … (2017-04-05)

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  • Please send me my ticket.

    … purchased Swiss pass(2nd class, adult, 3days) from http://traintickets.myswitzerland.com... on 6th, May. But I didn't get the ticket yet. I am sorry but I don't know my order number. At that time, the site showed that I can get the ticket … (2015-05-14)

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  • Money deducted one month back on 12th July but didn't get the tickets yet.

    … to travel Switzerland on Sep 2018. I have booked my Swiss passes on 12th Jul 2018 for my travel … on 9th Sep 2018 to 11th Sep 2018. It is showing paper tickets to be delivered but I have not yet received the Swiss passes to my post box. I tried to contact the rail … (2018-08-07)

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  • Europe Train Options

    … journeys for the following routes. Anyone could recommend the most affordable rail tickets to buy from? Is it recommended to purchase Swiss Pass? I have booked several individual train tickets … (2015-08-02)

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  • Deduct amount without issuing the ticket

    i donno how such big company doesn't support quickly their customer or reply their request especially when they deduct amount twice from credit card without issuing any ticket (2013-12-06)

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