• Eurail France-Switzerland Pass vs. Swiss Pass to cover boat rides in Switzerland

    Can the Eurail France-Switzerland Pass be used for boat rides in Switzerland that would normally be covered under a Swiss Pass? Thanks (2012-04-19)

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    • … buses and boats. Therefore, it doesn't just cover the trains, as other passes do. The Swiss Pass also allows for entry to over 400 museums … would not offer the same additional bonuses, though it still would cover most of the same boats as the Swiss Pass, including the following: -CGN boat … (2012-04-20)
    • … Family Card is only valid for use with the Swiss Pass. The Swiss Family Card would not be valid with the Eurail France Switzerland Pass. You would want to purchase the Eurail France Switzerland … (2012-04-23)
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  • … cover from Zurich to the Rhein Falls & then to Salzburg if my Swiss Pass isn't activated yet or do I need an additional ticket to the border? Using Swiss Pass for Glacier Express, Golden Pass, Jungfraujoch, Mt Titlis, & Mt Pilatus …

    … cover the entire journey from Zurich to Austria? Note that my Swiss pass wont be activated on my first day. So do I have to buy a separate … from Zurich till border? If so, would it make more sense to simply buy a Swiss pass for straight 15 days, as it would also cover … (2013-06-11)

    Tags: rhein falls, zurich, schaffhausen, neuhausen am rheinfall, neuhausen, zentrum, neuhausen-zentrum, swiss pass, eurail austria pass, buchs, salzburg, jungfraujoch … , mount pilatus, glacier express, golden pass, switzerland, austria, zermatt, st moritz, lucerne …

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    • … upon arrival. You would then go back to Zurich, in order to connect to your train to Salzburg. Once again, if you do not wish to use your Swiss Pass for this part of your trip, then you would have to purchase separate point … from Schaffhausen back to Zurich (and for the bus from Neuhausen, locally). If you do not wish to use your Swiss Pass for the portion of the train from Zurich to Salzburg … (2013-06-12)
    • … Mount Pilatus mountaintop excursion, the Swiss Pass would cover the steamer from Lucerne to Alpnachstad, where you would then take the cog … down to Kriens. Once you have descended by cable car back down to Kriens, you would use your Swiss Pass to board a bus back to Lucerne. To be covered … (2013-06-12)
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  • Swiss Pass/Italy Pass

    … this July. When I input 4 days in Switzerland and 3 days in Italy, it suggests that I could buy a Swiss pass and Italy pass. Question 1: If I travel from Zurich … ? I live chatted with someone from this site yesterday and he mentioned it should be a single pass with Switzerland and Italy name on it. But I could not find this kind … (2013-06-28)

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    • … country passes for each country (i.e. the Swiss Pass and the Eurail Italy Pass). You can use two different passes to cover one train, if need be. If you were to take a train from Zurich to Milan, the Swiss Pass would be used to cover the portion of this train … (2013-06-28)
    • … from a merged topic originally titled Travel day logistics!. I am buying 4 day swiss pass. I plan to travel for all 4 consecutive days by train in Switzerland. The pass also offers free boat ride in one of the cities … (2013-10-23)
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  • Is the Swiss Pass & the Swiss Golden Pass the same thing? I can't find the Golden Pass option on your site. How does it work?

    … . I try to book under rail europe but cant see Golden Pass option. Is this same as Swiss Pass? As this package include accomodation … (2013-09-11)

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    Tags: golden pass, swiss pass, switzerland, lucerne, montreux, pass and reservations, interlaken, jungfraujoch, jungfrau, jungfraujoch top of europe, goldenpass, lucerne to interlaken, interlaken to montreux

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    • … for travel all throughout the country of Switzerland. You would purchase the Swiss Pass by clicking here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets … . Otherwise, you can just purchase reservations for the segment between Zweisimmen and Montreux, and then the Swiss Pass would be all you'd need to board the train between Lucerne and Interlaken … (2013-09-11)
    • … , Thanks for your reply. In that case, I would prefer to purchase the Swiss pass online. Should I get the pass validated in station? Understand too, this package depart from Lucerne>Geneva>Jungfrau. May I know how do this works? Reason … (2013-10-06)
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  • Will we lose some of the perks of the Swiss Pass (i.e. museums & scenic trains) if we purchase the Germany-Switzerland Pass instead? Zurich-Lucerne-Hamburg

    … some of the perks of the Swiss Pass (like the museums, scenic trains) if we add a 3 day German Pass with it? Or should we buy them seperate? We (2 Seniors)will be arriving … (2014-10-28)

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    Tags: eurail germany-switzerland pass, swiss pass, glacier express eurail passholder fare, glacier express, zurich, lucerne, hamburg, switzerland, germany, lucerne to hamburg, zurich to hamburg, basel to hamburg

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    • … you'd be traveling. If you'll only be visiting Hamburg in Germany, you could always just purchase the Swiss Pass in combination with a regular point-to-point … would involve changing trains once in Basel along the way). That way, you'd still be able to have the bonuses that come with the Swiss Pass, like museum entry. You would purchase regular … (2014-10-29)
  • Is a reservation required on the EuroCity trains from Zurich to St Gallen if I have a Swiss Pass?

    … train as from the title, I've heard that the eurocity trains goes through other countries too, so will I need to have a reservation for this particular train journey? I will be getting a swiss pass buy the way. And for the other trains is there a need for reservation … (2014-12-11)

    Tags: zurich to st gallen, zurich, st. gallen, switzerland, swiss pass, glacier express, goldenpass, golden pass, bernina express, william tell express, wilhelm tell express, chocolate train, pass and reservations

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    • … , including the EuroCity trains and the InterCity trains. Therefore, the Swiss Pass is all you would need to board. If you still would like to have a reservation on this route, you would purchase … Reservations' on our homepage and indicating that you'll be traveling with the Swiss Pass. When you pull up the results of your search for this route, there may be a message … (2014-12-11)
    • … in 1st class. For passengers traveling with a rail pass, the ‘Gotthard Panorama Express’ trains do require … reservations. Therefore, any passenger traveling with a rail pass would only need to show the rail pass to board. Other notable changes with the new ‘Gotthard … Lucerne steamboat but do provide for a 50% discount (Swiss Travel Passes, on the other hand, are still valid to cover … (2017-04-14)
  • If Tirano is in Italy, is the Swiss Pass valid for the Bernina Express from Tirano to Chur?

    … ) to Chur (Switzerland) since my starting point is in Italy. I was also wondering if I would be able to get the Swiss passes at the Tirano Station. I am leaving for Europe on the 10th of March so I am thinking I might be cutting it too close if I order the passes online … (2012-03-03)

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    Tags: valtellina, valtellina valley, swiss pass, tirano, chur, switzerland, italy, tirano to lugano, pass and reservations

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    • … Tirano is in Italy, the Swiss Pass does cover the ticket cost on the Bernina Express from there to Chur. In addition to the rail pass, reservations are required on the Bernina Express. You would purchase … from Tirano to Chur by clicking on 'Book a Reservation for Your Pass' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. Due to high … (2012-03-05)
    • Does the Swiss Pass cover the bus journey from Tirano (in Italy) to Lugano? (2013-04-23)
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  • Swiss 2 for 1 pass not considered a Swiss Pass?

    … a point to point ticket and select I have Swiss 2 for 1 pass, there is no discount for the ticket from Lausanne to Paris and that no ticket can be purchased. There is however ticket availability discount when Swiss Pass is selected. So is Swiss 2 for 1 … (2012-09-02)

    Tags: lyria, lyria tgv france-switzerland passholder 3, passholder 3, paris, lausanne, swiss pass

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    • … Fall 2-for-1 Promo is a Swiss Pass. Since the Swiss Fall 2-for-1 Promo … rate that was created to allow passengers in possession of a Swiss Pass to take a direct train from certain cities in Switzerland … you are traveling with when prompted (you would just type 'Swiss Pass'). 2.) You would then locate a direct train and click on 'View … (2012-09-04)
  • Does a Swiss Pass cover the Glacier Express, Bernina Express, Golden Pass, and Mt Titlis?

    is 8 days swiss pass covered Gracier Express, Berina express, and golden pass, and mt. titlis? (2013-03-09)

    Tags: glacier express, swiss pass, bernina express, mount titlis, golden pass, goldenpass, switzerland

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    • … . Otherwise, you can purchase reservations only for the segment between Zweisimmen and Montreux, and then the Swiss Pass is all you would need to board the train between Lucerne and Interlaken … /mount-titlis/index.html. If you'll be traveling with the Swiss Pass, you would purchase the '1 Day Round … (2014-12-03)
  • Swiss Pass to border of Italy

    … for that portion of the trip? Or do we just request bern to milan and say we have a Swiss pass? 2) the raileurope search facility … for us to enter 2 adults and 2 children, it only seems to cater for adults, when specifying Swiss pass in the search criteria (2013-06-03)

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    Tags: bern, milan, swiss pass, passholder 3, trenitalia international trains passholder 3 … international, brig, zurich, zuerich, switzerland, italy, swiss family card, children, child, pass and reservations, swiss pass border and how to book other portion …

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    • … rate that was created to allow passengers in possession of a Swiss Pass to take direct trains between certain cities in Switzerland … changing trains once in Brig or Zurich along the way. For such a connection, you would be able to use your Swiss Pass to take a train from Bern to Brig or Zurich … (2013-06-04)
    • Swiss Pass, children under the age of 16 (15 and under) can travel for free. For them to travel free, we would issue … or more travelers. Is everyone in your party traveling together at all times?'. If you click 'Yes', then the option for the Swiss Family Card would appear right below it with the question 'Are all of the children in your party … (2013-06-04)
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