• Does the TER from Bordeaux to Bergerac allow assembled bicycles?

    Does the French train TER # 65728 from Bordeaux to Bergerac have the ability to accommodate assembled bicycles, such as in a specific car designated for bikes? Thanks, Derin (2015-01-24)

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    • … bicycles are allowed on board TER trains in France, including the TER trains from Bordeaux to Bergerac … to hang assembled bicycles at the end of each train car on a TER. You would purchase tickets and check schedules for trains … (2015-01-26)
  • Mixed messages -- which trains in France allow bikes? TER trains? TGV trains?

    … understanding which trains can have bikes. Jeff (in answering another question) indicated that almost all TER trains allow bikes. However when I look at schedules … trains actually have "bike compartment" listed under options. What if a TER train doesn't have "bike compartment" option -- and a great … (2017-05-21)

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    • … Sue, All TER trains allow assembled bikes on board. Most TGV trains do not allow assembled … (2017-05-23)
  • What is the difference between InterCity, Eurocities and TER trains?

    … in Switzerland and France. What is the difference between InterCity, Eurocities and TER trains? The schedule showed Intercity and Eurocities for Zurich … (2018-07-24)

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    • Hi Steve, TER is what the regional trains in France are called. 'InterCity' and 'Eurocities' are similar or even sometimes synonymous. These are regular trains with comfortable accommodations but not 'high-speed'. (2018-07-25)
  • If I miss my TER train in France, can I take next one?

    I will be taking a TER train following a flight. If my flight is delayed and I miss the train, Can I take the following train? Would I have see someone at the ticketing booth? (buying ticket online from RailEurope) (2018-04-15)

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    • Hi, Tickets for TER (regional trains in France) are able to be used for any train later in the day, should you miss the specific train you choose when you go to book your tickets on our website. (2018-04-16)
  • TER/TGV/IC, how confusing! Which trains in France require reservations?

    Do I need reservations for IC trains? For these trains? St.-Guadens to Bayonne (IC14143), Tarbes-Dax, TGV 8581, Bordeaux-Carcassonne IC 4657, Carcassonne-Marseille IC 4655, St. Raphael-Aix-en-Provence TGV 5184, Aix-Avignon TGV 9860, Arles-Nimes IC... (2016-06-22)

    Tags: … , st raphael valescure, st raphael-valescure, st. raphael, ter, aix en provence tgv to avignon tgv …

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    • … train (the overnight train that operates within France). TER trains are regional trains that don't accept reservations … From Tarbes to Dax, there are direct TGV trains and TER trains. On the TGV trains, reservations would be required … to Nîmes From Arles to Nîmes, there are Intercité trains and TER trains. The Intercité trains on this route require … (2016-06-23)
  • TER trains. Can you travel with bikes?

    What is this designation of train ? Can you travel with bikes ?Fritz, the intrepid traveler (2016-02-29)

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    • Hi John, TER stands for 'Transport Express Régional'. These are the regional trains in France. TER trains actually do allow fully assembled bikes on board. (2016-02-29)
  • Do you need to buy a ticket for your bicycle to take it on a TER train in France? If so, can you buy it online?

    On the TER trains that have vertical racks for bicycles, do you need to buy a ticket for the bicycle? If so, can you buy the bicycle online, or do you have to buy it at the station? (2013-03-28)

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    • … Katie, The TER trains would not require that you purchase a ticket or reservation for your bicycle. Of the trains in France that allow … (2013-03-29)
  • Timetable for TER trains from Latour de Carol to Toulouse?

    Cannot find a timetable showing the stations stops along the way for this train. Where/how can I find it? -Roger (2014-06-23)

    Tags: latour de carol, latour de carol-enveitg, toulouse, france, ter

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  • Chalon sur Saone to Lyon TER problem?

    I cannot book the normal TER trains from Chalon sur Saone to Lyon on the wekend of 1st October 2016. I can find no announcement for track work on this weekend. Is there a problem with the trains then? (2016-08-29)

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  • On the TER #17760 from Chalon sur Saone to Paris what are the intervening stops?

    What towns does the train stop in before reaching Paris? (2017-05-17)

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    • … Buz, We are not able to look up trains by their train number, but the TER trains from Chalon sur Saône to Paris … (2017-05-18)
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