• Would it use up a day on my Eurail France-Italy Pass if use it to take the train from Paris to Basel?

    … planning to purchase a Eurail France-Italy pass. I also need to travel from Paris, France to Basel, Switzerland however I would not like to use one of the days from my pass. When I look up the train ticket from Paris … (2015-06-29)

    Products: Lyria TGV (France-Switzerland)Eurail France-Italy Pass

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    • … I can explain how you can go about determining which fare to book. With a Eurail France-Italy Pass, you would be eligible to receive a … When you click 'Read More', the name of the fare should display as something like 'TGV Lyria Passholder 2'. Generally, … (2015-07-01)
  • I have a Eurail France-Italy Pass. Am I purchasing a reservation from Paris to Lyon?

    I have purchased a France & Italy Eurail pass. When I purchase, for example, a $14 fare Paris to Lyon is that in effect purchasing a reservation? (2015-02-14)

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    Tags: eurail france-italy pass, france, lyon, paris, paris to lyon, pass and reservations, tgv

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    • … of rail pass you'll be traveling with when you're prompted (i.e. the Eurail France-Italy Pass). Trains from Paris to Lyon are high-speed TGV trains that do require reservations … (2015-02-16)
  • Help with Best France-Italy Rail Costs

    … London but I know that is not covered by railpass). Within France we will be going to Caen/Bayeux (1 … is not in the pass). We MIGHT want to visit other cities in Italy when we are in Venice, but not certain. Could you tell me if it would be cheaper to buy … (2015-02-01)

    Products: TGV Trains (France)Frecciarossa Trains (Italy)Le Frecce Trains (Italy)Eurail France-Italy Pass

    Tags: eurail france-italy pass, france, italy, bayeux to caen, bologna to venice, caen to bayeux, caen to tours, eurostar, frecciargento … to turin, pass and reservations, poitiers to niort, tgv, thello, tours to niort, tours to poitiers …

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    • … Pass. You would check costs for the Eurail France-Italy Pass here: http://www.raileurope.com/rail-tickets-passes … of rail pass you'd be traveling when you're prompted (i.e. the Eurail France-Italy Pass). Of the trips you mentioned, reservations … from Paris to Turin (high-speed France-Italy TGV trains), Turin to Bologna (high … (2015-02-02)
  • If I get a Eurail Pass for France & Italy, is it valid on a TGV from Paris to Nice, and is there a supplement due?


    Products: TGV Trains (France)Thello Trains (Italy-France)Le Frecce Trains (Italy)Eurail PassesEurail France-Italy Pass

    Tags: eurail france-italy pass, france, nice, paris, paris to nice, pass and reservations, tgv, cinque terre, florence to venice, frecciabianca, frecciargento, genoa to monterosso, intercity, italy

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    • … (including the Eurail France-Italy Pass) is valid on TGV trains. TGV trains do require … .com), entering the route, and indicating that you'll be traveling with the 'Eurail France-Italy Pass' when you're prompted to enter the type of pass you'll have. The TGV trains … (2015-03-30)
  • Geneva to Paris as first trip for France-Italy Pass

    … a business meeting in Geneva and I intend to tour France and Italy after that. I read that a Eurorail Pass valid … /Basel. Does this mean then that my travel from Geneva to Paris (through TGV) will be covered if I buy if I buy a Eurorail France-Italy Pass … (2014-04-27)

    Tags: tgv lyria passholder 2, tgv lyria, lyria tgv, lyria, eurail france-italy pass, france, italy, geneva, paris, pass and reservations, passholder 2

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    • … of our website, www.raileurope.com. By indicating that you'll be traveling with the Eurail France-Italy Pass when prompted, our website will know to … Flexible.) Specifically, you would be looking for a fare titled 'TGV Lyria Passholder 2'. Generally, the … (2014-04-28)
  • Reservation for a trip from France to Swizterland with a Eurail France - Italy Pass

    Do I get a discount on a train from Switzerland into France if I only have a France-Italy Rail Pass? (2012-02-15)

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  • Eurail France - Italy Pass: Cannot use it for Paris to Venice. Help!

    … > Venice > Rome in Sep. We bought "Eurail France - Italy Pass" for $700. I understand we need to pay reservation fee. We are NOT planning to take night train. We are just looking for anyway to use Eurail pass … (2013-08-10)

    Products: Rail PassTicketReservationsTGV Trains (France)Eurail Italy Pass

    Tags: paris, venice, turin, milan, torino, milano, venezia, pass and reservations, website error, error on website, error, eurail france-italy pass

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  • Best Options for 5 Days in Paris (with trips to London and Amsterdam) and 5 days in Italy (Milan, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome)

    … to both London and Amsterdam (seems like long day trips?). We head out for Italy the remaining 7 days with lots of stops there. (Milan … (2018-03-13)

    Products: ReservationsEurostar Trains (London - Paris/Brussels)Thalys Trains (Paris-Amsterdam-Brussels)Thello Trains (Italy-France)Trenitalia Trains (Italy)Eurail Select PassFrecciabiancaFrecciargentoFrance-Italy TGVRail Pass & Reservations

    Tags: … , britain, england, eurail select pass, eurostar, florence to pisa, france, france-italy tgv, freccia bianca, freccia … to florence, regionale, regionale veloce, tgv france-italy, thalys, thello, thello night …

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    • … of the Eurail Select Pass to include France, the Benelux, and Italy. The Netherlands is included as a part of the 'Benelux'. The Benelux … day train from Paris to Milan is a France-Italy TGV on which reservations would again be required as a supplement to a rail … takes just over 7 hours. Generally, the France-Italy TGV trains can be reserved within 120 days … (2018-03-13)
  • Paris Gare Lyon to Milan 4/24 France Italy TGV #9241 0629 departure time

    What happens if this train is cancelled due to the strikes? What are my alternatives? How would I be refunded on a non-refundable ticket purchased in January? (2018-04-11)

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    • … Brandon. The France-Italy TGV trains should be unaffected. If that changes, you can still go the station to see if they can arrange alternate transportation for you. Otherwise, you can request a refund … (2018-04-11)
  • I have a Eurail France-Spain Pass & a Eurail Italy pass & am in need of a reservation from Montpellier to Pisa. Also, can my pass be used to take the ferry from Civitaveccia to Barcelona?

    … . How can I change this situation? I need a reservation from Montpellier, France to Pisa, Italy on September 8, 2015. Also, can my Rail … . I have a Rail Europe Regional pass for France and Spain and one for Italy. Thank you for any advice and information you can give me. I am a bit new at this! Regards, Jamie … (2015-08-26)

    Products: Rail PassReservationsTGV Trains (France)Eurail Italy PassFrance - Spain High Speed Trains (Paris-Barcelona/Madrid)TGV Int'l Trains (France-Italy, Spain, Switzerland & Belgium)Eurail France-Spain Pass

    Tags: … to milan, civitavecchia, civitavecchia to barcelona, eurail france-spain pass, eurail italy pass, france, france-italy tgv, france-spain high speed, grimaldi, grimaldi cruises, grimaldi ferry, grimaldi …

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    • … to the passes. The train from Chambery to Milan is a high-speed 'France-Italy TGV' train. You would then use your 'Eurail … this train, such as a 'Eurail Global Pass' or a 'Eurail France-Italy Pass'. Even though neither of these are the passes you'll actually be traveling … (2015-08-26)
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