• Bikes on TGV trains within France?

    … with two bikes from Paris to Lyon in first class (or any class) on the TGV? Any possibility of carrying the bikes on the same train but in the cargo department … and picking them up at the same station of passenger destination? And finally, why is it that TGV discourages bikes on the trains one way or an other? I hope we receive an answer … (2013-03-02)

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    • … Minas, The TGV trains do allow for you to take bicycles from Paris to Lyon. You will be required to break them down and place them in the bicycle … (2013-03-04)
    • … Barbara, Your bike would not be allowed on board a TGV train from Paris to La Rochelle, if fully assembled. Fully … assembled bicycles, but there is no way to tell which trains those are). However, you can transport your bicycle on a TGV as luggage, if disassembled to fit in a special bicycle … (2013-07-02)
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  • Travel from Zurich to Paris via the GoldenPass scenic route. Is it true the Swiss Travel Pass doesn't cover the TGV Lyria from Geneva or Lausanne to Paris? Do I have to purchase the reservations in advance?

    … information! My questions are as follows: The high speed train, TGV Lyria, is not included in the Swiss Rail Pass … as long as I don't need specific reservations. (I know on one segment it's required.) However, I don't want to purchase the TGV Lyria train to Paris in advance as our plans … (2015-06-08)

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    Tags: … to paris, lucerne to interlaken, lyria, lyria tgv, montreux to geneva, montreux to lausanne, paris … and reservations, swiss travel pass, switzerland, tgv lyria, zurich, zurich to lucerne, zweisimmen …

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    • … the same procedure I described for booking regular tickets on the TGV Lyria train from Lausanne to Paris. You would just need to piece … in advance, prior to departing for Europe. This would especially be the case with the TGV Lyria from Lausanne to Paris. This train, in particular, is a very popular … (2015-06-11)
    • … you to receive a rate called the 'Passholder 3' for the TGV Lyria train from Lausanne to Paris. With that said, it is actually … you. In contrast, you would check the 'Passholder 3' rates for a TGV Lyria from Lausanne to Paris by clicking on 'Book … '. Please note, the 'Passholder 3' rates are not offered on TGV Lyria trains that go from Geneva to Paris; they're only valid … (2015-06-18)
  • With a France Rail Pass, can we take the TGV between Paris & Avignon?

    We are traveling from Paris to Avignon (roundtrip) during our trip to France. If we purchase the France Rail Pass, can we use it for the TGV from Paris to Avignon? (2016-04-09)

    Tags: france, france rail pass, paris to avignon, paris to avignon tgv, tgv, avignon, avignon centre, avignon centre station, avignon tgv, avignon tgv station, paris, pass and reservations

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    • … . Most trains from Paris to Avignon will only arrive into the Avignon TGV station, but there are some that arrive into the Avignon Centre station … from Paris to Avignon, but you will get more options by typing 'Avignon TGV'. Generally, trains in France can be booked once within 90 … (2016-04-11)
  • Best Deal for Paris CDG to Avignon & Lyon to Paris CDG? France Rail Pass or TGV tickets?

    … : from CDG to Avignon, and then Lyon to CDG. Should I just buy the TGV tickets, or do I buy the France Rail Pass … tickets, which is the best value? I haven't been able to figure out the cost/premium to buy the TGV if I have the France Rail Pass … (2016-04-23)

    Tags: avignon, avignon tgv, avignon tgv station, cdg, cdg airport, charles de gaulle … , paris airport, paris airport to avignon tgv, paris cdg, paris cdg airport …

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    • … . Trains from CDG to Avignon will only arrive into the Avignon TGV station. Therefore, you would do your search from 'Paris Airport' to 'Avignon … . Therefore, you would still do one search for trains from 'Paris Airport' to 'Avignon TGV' and another search for trains from 'Lyon' to 'Paris Airport … (2016-04-25)
  • Is there a special baggage car for bikes in cases or boxes on TGV trains and do you need to check them in as luggage at the train station?

    … from Lyon Airport to Grenoble. On the return we would take the TGV from Avignon to Lyon Airport. I understand that bikes are allowed … (2016-05-06)

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    Tags: grenoble, lyon airport, lyon airport to grenoble, tgv, assembled bicycles, assembled bikes, bicycle, bicycles, bike, bikes, lyon saint exupéry airport, lyon–saint-exupéry airport, saint exupéry, saint exupéry airport, saint-exupéry airport

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    • … to the frame. There would be no charge to transport a bike in such a bag. Most TGV trains do not allow fully assembled bikes … with this is that there is usually no way to tell in advance which trains those are. Therefore, you could always try your luck locally to see if the specific TGV you're taking has a bike storage area. On such trains … (2016-05-09)
    • I did read something recently that seemed to imply that the French rail network has been increasing the number of TGV trains with bike storage areas. If that's true, that should help, too. (2016-05-12)
  • TER/TGV/IC, how confusing! Which trains in France require reservations?

    … ? St.-Guadens to Bayonne (IC14143), Tarbes-Dax, TGV 8581, Bordeaux-Carcassonne IC 4657, Carcassonne-Marseille IC 4655, St. Raphael-Aix-en-Provence TGV 5184, Aix-Avignon TGV 9860, Arles-Nimes IC 4754, Nimes-Toulouse IC 4755? How do I do this with a French … (2016-06-22)

    Tags: aix en provence, aix en provence tgv, avignon, avignon tgv, bayonne, bordeaux, bordeaux … and reservations, st gaudens, st gaudens to bayonne, st raphael, tgv, tarbes, tarbes to dax, toulouse, arles … , st. raphael, ter, aix en provence tgv to avignon tgv, aix en provence to avignon, st raphael …

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    • … é trains from Bordeaux to Carcassonne, reservations are required. There are also TGV trains from Bordeaux to Carcassonne, on which reservations would also be required … en Provence to Avignon To get from Aix en Provence to Avignon, you would take a TGV, and it would only be a 20 minute ride. Even with the short distance … (2016-06-23)
  • Mixed messages -- which trains in France allow bikes? TER trains? TGV trains?

    … -- and a great many of them don't -- are bikes allowed on those as it as it's been suggested? Similarly, why do some TGV trains (seems to be the OUIGO ones) have an extra baggage option … (2017-05-21)

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    Tags: france, ter, tgv, assembled bicycle, assembled bicycles, assembled bike, assembled bikes, bicycle, bicycles, bike, bikes, fully assembled bicycle, fully assembled bicycles, fully assembled bike, fully assembled bikes

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    • … , if you intend on taking your assembled bike on a permitting TGV, the ticket can only be purchased directly through the train operator … . Generally, the surcharge for assembled bikes is about €10. A TGV would need to have a designated area for bike storage for it to allow … (2017-05-23)
  • Best pass option for Paris to Rennes, Rennes to Avignon, & Avignon to Nice? Is the best way to take the TGV?

    I am planning my trip from Paris > Rennes > Avignon > Nice. Is the best way taking the TGV tain? We are a family of 4 (2 adults 2 kids aged 6 and 9), what passes shall we get or is there any family discount? (2018-03-15)

    Tags: avignon, avignon tgv, avignon tgv station, avignon tgv to nice, eurail france pass … metro, paris to avignon, paris to avignon tgv, paris to rennes, rennes, rennes to avignon …

    · Answered · 3 replies
    • … get a discount', you would not be charged additional for the child passes. The TGV does connect the cities you're planning to visit … . Trains from Paris to Avignon will only arrive into the Avignon TGV station. Therefore, you would do one search from 'Rennes' to 'Paris' and another search … (2018-03-19)
  • Is the TGV from Paris to Avignon included with a rail pass?

    Hello! I am visiting France, and will be traveling by train from Paris to Avignon and back. Will the TGV be covered if I buy the RAIL PASS? (2014-07-16)

    Tags: paris, avignon, france, tgv, pass and reservations, paris to avignon, avignon tgv, paris to avignon tgv

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    • … France does cover the ticket costs for TGV trains operating within France, including the TGVs between Paris and Avignon or Paris and the Avignon TGV station. TGV trains would just require reservations in addition … Pass Reservations' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope.com. TGV trains in France can sell out very quickly, so I would definitely … (2014-07-16)
  • Can I take a boxed bicycle on the TGV from Marseille to Paris?

    Can I take my boxed bicycle with me on TGV from Marseilles to Paris? (2015-03-31)

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    Tags: france, marseille, marseille to paris, paris, tgv, bicycles on trains, bikes on trains, point-to-point, lyria, lyria tgv, paris to zurich, switzerland, tgv lyria, zurich

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    • … detached and the handlebars parallel to the frame. Generally, TGV trains do not allow bikes to be taken on board … (2015-04-01)
    • … Lyria trains from Paris to Zurich would be just like the domestic TGV trains in France in that regard. Generally, they would actually not accept … (2015-06-18)
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