• Tirano to Milan

    I have been trying to look up rail options (times and prices) from Tirano to Milan for May 13 and 14 with no luck. The page is not appearing. Please advise. Thanks! Do I need a reservation? Is it possible to make one? (2012-04-17)

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    • Tirano to Milan, there are direct regional trains that do not accept reservations. Generally, you can check ticket costs … (2012-04-18)
    • Thanks you, Jeff, for this reply. I, too, will be traveling from Tirano to Milan on 14 May following a scenic ride from Chur, Switzerland … (2012-05-05)
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  • I plan to take the Bernina Express from Chur to Tirano & stop in St Moritz for a night on the way. How can I purchase the tickets?

    … express for the section of Chur to Tirano. And i'd like to stay one night at St Moritz on the way to Tirano. However, I can't seem to purchase tickets on line … (2015-04-16)

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    • … 1 night at St Moritz) Jul 21. St. Moritz - Tirano (by Bernina express) Jul 21: Tirano - Venice (by any train) The problem is: when I tried to book Jul.20 and Jul.21 separately, there's no such option for me to choose … (2015-04-16)
    • … and involves changing trains once in Milan along the way. The trains from Tirano to Milan are regional trains, while the trains from Milan … system, including the trains along the requested routes from Tirano to Milan and Milan to Venice. In the meantime, you can just enter a date … (2015-04-16)
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  • Zurich-Interlaken-GoldenPass-Geneva-Paris-Milan-Tirano-Bernina Express-Zurich - TRAIN OPTIONS OVERLOAD!

    … ) then return PARIS - MILAN (TGV). Milan to TIRANO (Bernina Express) - CHUR - ZURICH. can we use 'transfer … (2015-04-22)

    Tags: … , lyria, lyria tgv, milan, milan to tirano, montreux to geneva, paris, paris to milan … , switzerland, tgv international, tgv lyria, tirano, tirano to chur, zurich, zurich to lucerne …

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    • … (via Interlaken/the GoldenPass route) and the route you described from Tirano to Zurich (via Chur/the Bernina Express route … days of an intended date of departure. Milan to Tirano Since the rail pass doesn't cover Italy, you would just purchase … to the pass. You would purchase reservations for the Bernina Express from Tirano to Chur by clicking on 'Book your Rail Pass … (2015-04-22)
  • Can you do a day excursion to St Moritz / Tirano on the Bernina Express from Lake Como?

    Planning a trip in August 2016. Staying in Lake Como and want to do a day trip to Tirano to St Moritz on the Bernina Express. Since we have no car we need transfers or train or coach transfers from Lake como return in the one day. (2015-10-01)

    Tags: bernina express, como, como to lugano, como to tirano, italy, lake como, lugano … to st. moritz, trenord, varenna to tirano, point-to-point, rhaetian railway, valtellina, valtellina valley … station, milan to turin, st moritz, st moritz station, st. moritz, st. moritz station, tirano to milan …

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    • … around, the bus segment of the Bernina Express (Lugano to Tirano) doesn't operate from October 26th to March 27th, and the train segment of the Bernina Express (Tirano to St Moritz) doesn't operate from October 26th to May 8th. Therefore, if you'd like to get an idea of the ticket … (2015-10-02)
    • … ). If you'd like to return to Como the same day, you could make a rail connection right over to Tirano, where you would board the Bernina Express train that would take you up to St Moritz … back to Como. Trains comprising of a connection between Como and Tirano (via Monza) can only be booked within 60 days of an intended … (2015-10-02)
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  • Eurail Select Pass travel / How to pick trains that accept the pass / Paris-Venice / Nice-Milan/ Bernina Express from Lugano to Tirano & Tirano to Chur?

    … and going from Nice to Milan and then Milan to Lugano. From there we take Lugano by bus to Tirano and Tirano to Chur? Or are there other ways to go on the Bernina Express? I also read … (2016-04-26)

    Tags: … select pass, france, italy, lugano to tirano, milan, nice, nice to milan, paris, paris to venice … train, thello night train, tirano to chur, tirano to pontresina, tirano to st moritz, venice

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    • … , so your rail pass would be all you'd need to board in this case, but the Lugano-Tirano bus would still require that you have reservations. On the actual Bernina Express … , www.raileurope.com. Therefore, for the options via St Moritz, you would do one search for trains from Tirano to St Moritz and another search for connecting trains from St Moritz … (2016-04-27)
  • 23 minutes at Tirano Station to switch from the Bernina Express to a Trenitalia train. Is that too little time?

    … planning on taking the Bernina Express from Chur to Tirano, arriving at 12:45. From there, I would like to take a Trenitalia train to Venice … :08, respectively. Truthfully, I'd like to spend 2h in Venice rather than in Tirano. Is 23 minutes of layover time enough to get me from where I arrive to the next gate … (2016-07-08)

    Tags: … , bernina, bernina express, chur, chur to tirano, freccia bianca, freccia rossa, frecciabianca … , rhätische bahn, switzerland, tirano, tirano to milan, tirano to venice, trenord, venice …

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    • … minutes would be more than sufficient to switch trains at the station in Tirano. A common minimum connection time is 7 … ' on our homepage, www.raileurope.com. For this route, you would just break up your search once in Tirano. Therefore, you would do one search for the Bernina Express segment from Chur … (2016-07-11)
  • Does the railpass cover the Wilhelm Tell? How do we get from Bellinzona to Tirano to get on the Bernina Express to St Moritz?

    we have an 8 day rail pass and the wilhelm will be our first day on our trip. does the pass cover the wilhelm? How do we get from Bellinzona to Tirano to get on the Bermina expres to St. Moritz?Thanks, BC (2016-09-20)

    Tags: … , lucerne, lucerne to flüelen, lugano to tirano, pass and reservations, rhb, rhaetian railway … pass, st moritz, st. moritz, switzerland, tirano to st moritz, tirano to st. moritz, wilhelm tell, wilhelm tell express …

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    • … üelen and a train from Flüelen to Bellinzona. To get to Tirano, you would take a train from Bellinzona to Lugano and then a bus from Lugano … is an extension of the William Tell route, and the bus from Lugano to Tirano is part of the Bernina Express route. Technically, reservations … (2016-09-21)
  • Zurich to Luzern, Luzern to Como, Como to Tirano, Tirano to Chur (Bernina Express), & Chur to Zurich. The Trip of a Lifetime.

    I'm planning a trip that will take us from Zurich to Luzern, Luzern to Como, Como to Tirano, Tirano to Chur (Bernina Express), Chur to Zurich. Will a 2 country Eurrail pass cover all of these trains? (2017-02-02)

    Tags: … to zurich, como, como to lugano, como to tirano, italy, lago di como, lake … , lucerne to lugano, lugano to como, lugano to tirano, luzern, swiss travel pass, switzerland …

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    • … back to Lugano, from where you would catch the Bernina Express bus to Tirano. With this option, you would just need to purchase regular tickets for the train … .com. For this option, you would do one search for the full route from Como to Tirano. When the results of your search display, they would reflect the train … (2017-02-02)
  • Florence to Tirano for the Bernina Express. Do I have to go to Lugano to catch the bus?

    hi we will be in travelling from Florence to do the Bernina Express train. could you please tell me can I stop at Tirano to get the connection or do I have to stop at Lugano to catch the bus . Also am I going across any borders if so what do I need.thanks (2017-02-03)

    Tags: … , italo, italy, le frecce, lugano, lugano to tirano, milan centrale, milan centrale station … centrale, st moritz, st. moritz, switzerland, tirano, tirano to chur, tirano to st moritz, point-to-point

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    • … to October 29th of this year. You do not have to take the bus. If you wish, you can just go straight to Tirano to catch the train to St Moritz or Chur. Whether you go to Lugano … ' on our homepage, www.raileurope.com. For a trip from Florence to Lugano or Tirano, you would piece together the connection by doing a separate search … (2017-02-03)
  • Tirano to St Moritz, St Moritz to Zermatt, Zermatt to Chamonix, and Chamonix to Geneva. From Tirano at the Italy/Swiss border to Chamonix via the Glacier Express route.

    … package for the following trip- day 1 Tirano-St. Moritz- day 2 St. Moritz-Zermatt … (2018-03-25)

    Tags: … , swiss travel pass, switzerland, tirano, tirano to st moritz, tirano to st. moritz, vallorcine to chamonix …

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    • … on our website. Instead, to book reservations on the Bernina Express from Tirano to St Moritz, you would have to call us. We can be reached at 1-800 … on this route are not able to be viewed on our site. For your reference, regional trains from Tirano to St Moritz depart once every hour throughout the day … (2018-03-27)
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