• After my flight lands at the Nice Airport, what if I can't make my train from Nice to Toulon in time?

    … train from Nice to Toulon on Friday August 25. I'm seeking advice on how I should prepare if I miss the train I want to book … (2017-08-09)

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    • … , and the ride takes about 20 minutes. Trains from Nice to Toulon are TGV high-speed trains. You would purchase tickets for a TGV from Nice to Toulon by searching the route under 'Find Train Tickets' on the homepage of our website, www.raileurope … (2017-08-10)
  • Paris Charles De Gaulle to Toulon by train

    I want to reserve a train ticket from Paris Charles De goul Airport to Toulon but i cant make it please help what should i do ? (2012-02-18)

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    • Here is a quick link you can use to find schedules and prices for tickets from Paris CDG Airport to Toulon http://www.raileurope.com/us/rail/point_to_point/triprequest.htm?from0=Paris%20CDG%20Airport&To0=Toulon. (2012-02-18)
  • Eurail travel between Toulon, France to Siena, Tuscany, Italy.

    … . My husband Greg & I wish to leave our hire car in Toulon around 17th September, 2013 & travel along the French … (2013-06-03)

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  • Rome to Bandol/Marseilles and then on to Paris

    In June, landing in Rome and planned on taking train to Bandol/Marseilles and then on to Paris. I cannot find schedules for any trains that run along the coast for the Rome to Bandol leg....and other website route me on a 2 day journey up in the Alps. ... (2013-04-16)

    Tags: rome, bandol, marseille, paris, italy, france, nice, antibes, toulon, ventimiglia, amsterdam, thalys, passholder 2, eurail france-italy pass, thalys passholder 2

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    • … train changes along the way; once in Milan, once in Ventimiglia, once in either Nice or Antibes, and then once in Toulon. However, the trains from Rome to Milan do not run along the coastline … from Nice or Antibes to Bandol (which would reflect the train change in Toulon when you pull up the results of your search). You can then purchase tickets … (2013-04-16)
    • … on trains from Rome to Milan, Milan to Ventimiglia, Nice to Toulon, and Marseille to Paris. After you add the pass to your shopping cart … , www.raileurope.com.) The trains from Ventimiglia to Nice or Antibes, Antibes to Toulon, Toulon to Bandol, and Bandol to Marseille don't accept … (2013-04-16)
  • Travel from Paris to Lyon to St. Tropez. How do you get to St. Tropez?

    I am traveling by train from Paris to Lyon and would like a stop in St. Tropez. What is the best way to get there without renting a car? (2012-03-03)

    Tags: french riviera, paris to toulon, provence-alpes-côte d'azur, riviera, provence, st tropez, paris, lyon, st raphael, toulon, bus, point to point, tgv

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    • … (to the west) and St. Raphael (to the east). The bus from St. Tropez to Toulon takes about 2 hours in duration, and the bus … . You can purchase tickets from Paris to Lyon and from Lyon to either Toulon or St. Raphael by enterting each set of city-pairs under 'Check … (2012-03-06)
    • … station. Coming from Paris, you would take a direct TGV train down to Toulon, where you would switch to a bus that would take you to St Tropez.The bus … through the operator.You would purchase tickets for a train from Paris to Toulon by doing a search under 'Find Train Tickets … (2016-08-23)
  • trouble booking Paris to Hyères

    I cannot seem to find any trains from Paris to Hyeres leaving 10/28. my understanding is Hyeres receives trains daily is there something going on I cannot book or am I not using the correct search criteria (2018-10-15)

    Tags: france, french riviera, paris, paris to toulon, riviera, tgv, hyères, paris to hyères

    · Answered · 4 replies
    • … all the way to Hyères on October 28th. Instead, you can take the TGV as far as Toulon, which is the stop just before Hyères only about 10-11 … that would take you to Hyères. You would purchase tickets from Paris to Toulon by searching the route under 'Book Train Tickets … (2018-10-15)
    • If I get the Paris Viste will I be able to use that to go to Toulon or that is seperate? (2018-10-15)
  • Exact train stations between Florence - Barcelona along southern coast of France

    We are traveling by train from Rome>Florence>across south coast of France>Barcelona in late October through early November. I understand that major hubs on that route are: Rome to Florence to Genoa to Ventimiglia to Nice to Montpellier to Figueras to... (2013-09-15)

    Tags: … , antibes, cannes, st raphael, st-raphael-valescure, toulon, figueras, figueres, riviera, french riviera …

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    • … still stop in cities like Antibes, Cannes, St. Raphael, and Toulon. There are regional trains along the French Riviera that connect … ; in addition to cities like Antibes, Cannes, St. Raphael, and Toulon. Either way, if you wish to visit a particular destination, you would have to book your tickets specifically … (2013-09-16)
  • booking a train with scenic views from provence to florence?

    I would like to know the train from Provence to Florence Italy it is a slower train and takes the scenic route, also is it covered by the france/italy rail pass? (2012-04-05)

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    • … . The portion of the route between Aix en Provence and Nice would have you passing through Toulon, St. Raphael, Cannes, and Antibes; and the connecting train … (2012-04-06)
  • Santiago, Spain to Paris, CDG.

    Hello, I hope to be in Santiago, Spain and need to catch my return flight to Canada from Parid, CDG, on Monday May 27, 13:30. Does anybody have any suggestions on which trains I should take? The online system does not seem able to tell me where the... (2013-04-21)

    · Answered · 6 replies
    • … Urania. There are 2 Le Castellets in France; one just northwest of Toulon (the closest rail station would likely be either Bandol … (2015-08-10)
  • France/Swiss Pass day count

    If I have a France 3 day/Swiss 3 day can I travel 3 days in Switzerland than on the 4th day travel from Switzerland to France as one of the France 3 days? (2013-09-28)

    · Answered · 1 reply
    • … from Geneva to Lyon, Valence, Avignon, Marseille, Toulon, St. Raphael, Antibes, Cannes, Nice, or Montpellier in the south … (2013-09-30)
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