• how best to travel from Venice to Interlaken

    How does the 3 country pass work for the scenic trains? Wanting to travel from Venice to Interlaken by train and want the most scenic (2012-03-07)

    Tags: … city, eurocity, interlaken to spiez, milan to venice, spiez to milan, william tell express, golden pass, scenic train, interlaken, venice, italy, switzerland, eurail select pass, william …

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    • … on 'Book a Reservation for Your Pass' on the homepage of our website. Also, just to get from Venice to Locarno involves 2 train changes … the option to 'Check Schedules'. Please note that to do the connection from Venice to Interlaken by way of these scenic trains would not be possible within one day, so you would have to stay … (2012-03-07)
    • … of our website (www.raileurope.com) and entering a route. For the part of the journey from Venice to Bellinzona, you would piece together the connection by doing a separate … for connecting trains from Milan to Bellinzona. The trains from Venice to Milan are high-speed 'Frecciabianca' trains … (2016-01-26)
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  • Wedding trip from Frankfurt to Gmund, Gmund to Venice, & Venice to Barcelona?

    Can you advise how much it will cost for following routing: July 16 Frankfurt - Gmund Germany July 19 Gmund - Venice August 3 Barcelona - Spain All trips are one way for two people - both are over 60 and when can we purchase tickets ? (2015-02-17)

    Tags: … , montpellier to barcelona, munich to gmund, munich to venice, munich to verona, regionale, regionale veloce … , thello, thello night train, venice, venice to dijon, verona to venice, point-to-point

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    • … , and ride between Munich and Gmund would only take about an hour. A connection from Venice to Barcelona would take about 24 hours in duration and involves … changes en route; once in Dijon and then once in Montpellier. The segment from Venice to Dijon would be on an actual overnight train. The overnight train … (2015-02-17)
  • Paris CDG-Rome, Rome-Florence, Florence-Venice, Venice-Croatia with a Eurail Select Pass? Which trains can we take? Do we need reservations?

    … . Rome to Florence Italy 3. Florence to Venice Then my daughter goes to her summer intern in Croatia from Venice What trains we can take?? We have Select Pass - 4 countries, 5 days travel within 2 months … (2015-05-27)

    Tags: cdg, croatia, florence, florence to venice, france, france-italy tgv, frecciargento, frecciarossa … susa station, turin to rome, venice, venice to gorizia, venice to villach, eurail select …

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    • … There are a couple of different feasible ways to travel from Venice to Croatia. Which one your daughter takes would be dependent on where in Croatia she needs to go. One option would involve taking a bus or train from Venice up to Villach. From Villach, she would then continue on by train to her destination … (2015-05-29)
  • Cinque Terre to Venice?

    traveling from Cinque Terre, guess through Pisa or somewhere close, going to Venice for a few days on Sept 23rd, Wednesday. Best train to get there ? (2015-09-11)

    Tags: … , cinque terre, cinque terre to venice, florence to venice, freccia argento, freccia bianca … , monterosso to florence, monterosso to pisa, monterosso to venice, parma to bologna, pisa to florence, regionale …

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    • … ' on our homepage (www.raileurope.com) and entering a route. Monterosso to Venice If you'll be in Monterosso, you would route yourself through either Florence or Milan when you do your search … -speed Le Frecce (Frecciabianca) trains. La Spezia to Venice If you'll be in La Spezia, you would route yourself through either Florence or Bologna when you do your search … (2015-09-14)
  • When do schedules open up from Rome to Assisi, Assisi to Venice, and Venice to London?

    Where is the best resource for finding when December 25 and beyond fares will be listed/availabe. I am trying to book transfers from Rome>Assisi, Assisi>Venice, and Venice>London (2015-09-26)

    Tags: … , assisi, assisi to arezzo, assisi to florence, assisi to venice, britain, england, eurostar, florence to venice, foligno to assisi, france, freccia argento, freccia rossa, frecciargento, frecciarossa, great … , thello, uk, united kingdom, venice, venice to london, venice to paris, point-to-point

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    • … to Foligno are 'InterCity' trains. A connection from Assisi to Venice involves changing trains once in Florence along the way, or else there is an option … to an error, however, it may be the case that the 'Thello' night train from Venice to Paris is not able to be booked on our site at this time. If the direct night … (2015-09-28)
  • Germany, Austria, & Italy (Frankfurt-Salzburg-Venice-Florence/Pisa-Rome) in April for 5 adults 1 student?

    flying into Frankfurt then to Salzburg by train then to Venice then to Florence, Florence to Rome in 14 to 15 days. We also would like to do a day trip to Pisa from Florence and are not sure what pass to get. (2015-10-20)

    Tags: … , regionale veloce, rome, salzburg, salzburg to venice, salzburg to villach, tronchetto, tronchetto bus … tronchetto bus terminal, venice to florence, villach to venice, bus, buses, point-to-point …

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    • … changing once in Villach en route. The segment from Villach to Venice would actually be by bus--a bus for which we are able to sell tickets … . When you pull up the results of your search for the buses from Villach to Venice, our website will only display the 'Mestre' station as the station … (2015-10-21)
  • Rome-Naples, Naples-Florence, Florence-Venice, Venice-Paris, and Paris-Frankfurt

    … from Rome to Naples, Naples to Florence, Florence to Venice, Venice to Paris, and Paris to Frankfurt. The pass … (2015-11-17)

    Tags: florence, florence to venice, france, france-germany high speed, france-italy tgv … , tgv est, tgv international, venice, venice to milan, venice to paris, point-to-point …

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    • … ' trains. To purchase tickets for the daytime option from Venice to Paris, I would recommend that you piece together the connection by doing a separate search for each segment. Therefore, you would do one search for trains from Venice to Milan and another search for connecting trains from Milan … (2015-11-18)
    • … to do the ticket to ticket. However, I can only look up arrangements into January because of the train from Venice to Paris. For some reason that can't be looked at out any further in date. I see there are some different … (2015-11-18)
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  • Wheelchair Access on trains from Venice to Florenc & Florence to Rome?

    Hello! I'm traveling from Venice to Florence, and then Florence to Rome this coming March. I'm hoping to use your train system, how does a person in a wheelchair board your trains and are the stations accessible? Thank you so much! (2016-01-27)

    Tags: florence, florence to rome, italy, rome, venice, venice to florence, wheelchair, wheelchair accessibility … station, rome tiburtina, rome tiburtina station, venice mestre, venice mestre station, venice santa lucia, venice santa lucia station, point-to-point, wheelchair access

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    • … ' on our homepage (www.raileurope.com) and entering a route. Trains from Venice to Florence and Florence to Rome are high-speed … 'InterCity' (IC) trains. For general information about the Venice Santa Lucia station, you would click here: https://www.raileurope.com/europe-travel-guide/italy/venice/train-station/santa-lucia-train … (2016-01-27)
  • Budoia to Rome & Rome to the Venice Marco Polo Airport?

    … to Budoia. Is it possible to take a train from Budoia to Rome and then to Marco Polo airport in Venice (few days later). OR is it better to drive … (2016-03-22)

    Tags: … , le frecce, mestre, mestre station, regionale, rome, rome to venice, sacile to rome, sacile to venice, venice, venice mestre, venice mestre station, venice to rome, bus, point …

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    • … , you would switch to a high-speed train that would take you down to Rome. From Venice Mestre to Rome, there are high-speed 'Le Frecce … -8600. If you wish to book an Italo train for the segment from Venice to Rome, you would have to do separate searches for each segment of the connection … (2016-03-23)
  • Rail pass for Frankfurt-Troisdorf-Cologne-Berlin-Prague-Vienna-Venice?

    … days then traveling overnight to Vienna, spending a day, then traveling over night to Venice. What would be the best pass … (2016-06-08)

    Tags: … , siegburg to troisdorf, troisdorf, troisdorf to cologne, tronchetto, venice, venice tronchetto, vienna, vienna …

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    • … , reservations are required on the buses that travel between Villach and Venice. When purchasing reservations for the option via Villach, you would just have to piece … and substitute for a hotel night; however, the route from Vienna to Venice is a scenic one, so you may want to go with one of the daytime options. Not too far after you depart Vienna … (2016-06-14)
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