• Warsaw to Berlin with a Eurail Global Pass

    We are a family of 4 adults and want to travel from warsaw to berlin on 14th sept'17. We have the Eurail global pass. I checked the rail europe site to book but am not able to do so. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks (2017-07-01)

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    • … Savita, The trains from Warsaw to Berlin (Berlin-Warsaw Express trains) would just require reservations as a supplement … with a rail pass, you would purchase reservations for a train from Warsaw to Berlin by clicking the 'Seat Reservations' tab … (2017-07-03)
    • … by clicking here: https://www.raileurope.com/en/activities/poland/warsaw/. For a stay in Berlin, you can view various city passes … (2017-07-03)
  • if I use 2 different passes for 1 route, would it use up a day of travel on both of the passes i use? traveling from warsaw-berlin, dresden-prague, prague-munich & munich-salzburg

    … would be my best bet, but I am unsure of few things. I am planning on travelling from Warsaw to Berlin and I don't know if that counts as an Eastern European travel … (2012-04-01)

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    • … rate that happens to be offered on the direct trains between Warsaw and Berlin would enable you to only use your European East Pass … 'Read More' next to each of these options until you see the fare titled 'Berlin-Warsaw Express Passholder 2'. Generally, the Passholder … (2012-04-03)
  • Why can't I book Budapest to Krakow (or Warsaw) & Krakow (or Warsaw) to Berlin?

    … elsewhere. When I try to find trains to or from Krakow or Warsaw on the Rail Europe site, I get a message like this: Warsaw to Prague At this time, our online system … . Click Here for more information. I was planning to fly to Budapest this evening and come home from Berlin next Wednesday. Is it possible for me to get to or from Krakow or Warsaw by train … (2015-06-02)

    Tags: … -warszawa express, breclav to katowice, breclav to warsaw, budapest to breclav, budapest to krakow, budapest … bus, intercitybus, katowice to krakow, krakow to berlin, warsaw to berlin, bus, point-to-point

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    • … a route. However, the night train from Budapest to Krakow/Warsaw is not able to be viewed or booked there at this time. Instead, you would have to call us in order to make an inquiry … , the day trains from Breclav to Katowice or Breclav to Warsaw ('EuroCity' trains) are also not able to viewed or booked on our site, so you would have to call … (2015-06-05)
  • Does a German Rail Pass purchsed in the USA include the train to Warsaw and return


    Products: German Rail PassBerlin-Warsaw Express

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    • … . For a direct train from Berlin to Warsaw, you would book the 'Passholder 2' rate by searching the route on our homepage … Rail Pass'. When you pull up the results of your Berlin-Warsaw search, you can verify if you're being quoted the 'Passholder 2 … 'Read More' and the name of the fare would display as 'Berlin-Warsaw Express Passholder 2'. Generally, 'Berlin … (2017-07-31)
    • … here: https://www.raileurope.com/en/activities/germany/berlin/. For Warsaw, you can view various city passes and tours here: https … (2017-07-31)
  • If I buy the German Pass, could I use the train from Warsaw to Berlin?

    I am thinking about to purcahse German rail pass.Could I use this pass for Warsaw to Berlin DB Bahn train? (2017-02-28)

    Tags: berlin, berlin-warsaw express, berlin-warszawa express, german pass, german rail pass, germany, passholder, poland, warsaw, warsaw to berlin, warszawa

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    • … called the 'Passholder 2' for a 'Berlin-Warsaw Express' train from Warsaw to Berlin. For a direct train … ' button for the costs that display for a particular train/departure from Warsaw to Berlin. After you click 'View', a box will expand … Passholder 2' in bold. Generally, 'Berlin-Warsaw Express' can be booked within 30-60 days … (2017-02-28)
  • European East Pass + Eurail Select Pass to cover Berlin to Warsaw train....Will it work for me?

    … 3 country pass. During my travels I would need to get from Berlin to Warsaw. My select country pass will include Germany, would this work to get me to Warsaw? As in would my select country pass allow me to reserve a ticket from Germany to Poland even though they are on different passes … (2012-06-11)

    Tags: berlin-warsaw express, berlin, warsaw, germany, poland, eurail select pass, european east pass, passholder, pass and reservations, berlin-warsaw express passholder 1

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    • … 'Read More' next to each of these options until you see the fare titled 'Berlin-Warsaw Express Passholder 1'. Generally, the Passholder … on our website displaying these rates for certain dates. The Berlin-Warsaw Express trains can be booked within 60 days … (2012-06-13)
  • Can't find trains from Terespol (Poland) to Warsaw?

    … into Terespol, Poland to visit family, and i want to go by train to Warsaw, Poland but i can not find any information about trains coming and gong … (2015-06-18)

    Tags: poland, tlk, terespol, terespol to warsaw, twoje linie kolejowe, warsaw, warszawa, point-to-point

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    • … are only able to be purchased locally in Poland. The trains from Terespol to Warsaw are 'TLK' ('Twoje Linie Kolejowe') trains … for this particular trip, the schedules would not be able to be viewed on our site. With that said, the ride from Terespol to Warsaw would take about 2.5 to 3 hours in duration … (2015-06-18)
  • Trains from Berlin to Warsaw? Warsaw to Krakow? Krakow to Prague?

    What is the train like from Berlin to Warsaw? Warsaw to Krakow? Krakow to Prague? (2012-04-12)

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    • … Fares & Schedules' on our homepage. Trains from Berlin to Warsaw can be booked within 90 days of an intended date of departure. Trains from Warsaw to Krakow and trains comprising of a connection from Krakow to Prague can currently only be booked … (2012-04-13)
  • Can i sleep from prague to warsaw?

    Are there couchettes/beds on the overnight trains from Prague to Warsaw - does the Eastern European train pass include this or is it an extra cost? (2013-06-11)

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    • … Brenda, The night train from Prague to Warsaw has single sleeping compartments, double sleeping compartments … from being viewed there. Generally, the night train from Prague to Warsaw can be booked only within 60 days of an intended departure … (2013-06-11)
  • Seat configurations on trains from Warsaw to Krakow?

    We're traveling from warsaw to Krakow and will be buying a 1st class ticket. We have to choose from a club car or compartment. What is the difference? (2014-08-06)

    Tags: warsaw, krakow, poland, point-to-point, seating charts and seat configurations

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    • … about the specific seating configurations on these trains. On the route from Warsaw to Krakow, there are EIC (Express InterCity) trains … to 2nd class. You would purchase tickets for trains from Warsaw to Krakow by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules … (2014-08-06)
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