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Photo of james
Chapter 9 problems
I am having two problems in section 9 that are proving very difficult to fix. They are only showing up in the rspec tests and dont seem t...
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Photo of Jacko
Old-style hashrocket in 4.3.4
Regarding this part in 4.3.4: Next, why does the data-turbolinks-track key/value pair use the old-style hashrocket syntax? This is bec...
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Photo of jmjmvJ
Listing 3.2 secret_token.rb
Hi All, I got this message error while using listing 3.2 (Listing 3.2. Dynamically generating a secret token. config/initializers/secr...
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Photo of JoJ
Rspec gem not found
I've just started Chapter 3 and when I run bundle install --without production in the terminal I get this error message: $ bundle inst...
  • Jo, 4 years ago

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