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WIld About Books app sound does not work

I purchased the Wild About Books app for my Ipad (latest version of Ipad and App). The sound is working on my ipad...volumn is on and up etc. and the sound works on other children book apps with sound.
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  • Thank you for your patience. Here are some suggestions:

    Check mute switch (The rotation lock switch is now the mute switch). If a red dot is visible on this switch (it's a sliding switch next to the volume control), then the switch needs to be flipped.

    Reset the iPad (

    Delete and reinstall the app

    Verify iOS Version. If not the latest, please upgrade to the latest version (iPAD OS 4.2.1)

    Check to see if it's a iPad with 3G. If yes is it a 16MB, 32MB, 64MB with Wifi or Wifi/3G. Also was the machine purchased from Verizon.

    In the event it still fails, may we contact you directly and if so, please email your contact information to

    Thank you
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