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Add games and track time on them

I would love to see games in my collection and be able to track times on those games. I know this will require to agree to this but I think it would be great!
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  • Bazman (Director of Customer Service) July 16, 2012 22:35
    Actually this requires no help from whatsoever. We can already track most any game they sell (except old 16 bit DOS games) but we would just need to know which games you need supported.

    We actually have an entire forum dedicated to requesting game pages, and PC Desktop App detection. All you should have to do is put a post there letting us know what you'd like supported and we'll take a look.

    We add new game support at least once a week, so it really shouldn't take very long to get a few things supported for you. Here's a link to the forum:
    Game catalog requests:
    Game detection requests:

    Hope this helps,

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