I’m frustrated

Job opening alerts don't match employers job openings listed on their web site.

I was recently notified for two job openings. The problem is when I go to the employers website to apply, these jobs are not listed on the job openings. Does that mean there really isn't a job available?
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  • Hi Rita,
    I hope you are doing well. If I understand your question, you are concerned with positions being advertised on our site but not on the company website. If this is correct, please understand that employers have the ability to post jobs on our site for positions they are looking to fill. It is up to the employer to place this position on their company website. Have you tried applying to the jobs directly through our site? Please feel free to follow up with us directly at tjnsupport@thejobnetwork.com to review in further detail. Please be sure to include your Account ID, Email Address (set up on the account), Job ID's, ect. Thank you!
    Kindest Regards,
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