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A few pernickety details.

Hi, I have 2 or 3 quick queries please. First, I've got too keen and re-bought the file renamer app and have an extra copy. Secondly, I saw mention of a "forum promoter" app, I'm a fan and it sounds good. Thirdly, I was refunded for the p2p share app, but I'd quite like to investigate it please, and I'll be more careful this time. Quits for the spare app mistake then? Last but not least - I have been going nuts trying to buy a cheap list building program, where people swap their emails for bribes, I have had my fingers badly burned with the amount of crap I have bought i.e. Gabor Olah's 'zip monetizer', which advertises 6 of his squeezepages, any chance you could cut me a deal on rebrand's listbuilder please Cos I'm broke. :) Regards, thanks for your time, Graham
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