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Acricola: All creatures big & small - Advanced Scoring Problem

Hi guys,

I wondered if anyone else has had any problems with the advanced scoring system on Agricola ACB&S??? We've only recently started playing this and were VERY VERY excited that it is on Scoregeek with an advance system already in place. However, yesterday whilst I was at work my OH played a few games with someone else and kept the scores manually. Now, when I enter these scores into the App it's calculating a different score to our manual one (and i'm certain the manual one is correct)

Here are the results:

Sheep: 13 + 3VP
Pigs: 5
Cows: 8 + 2VP
Horses: 4
Expansions: 1 (4VP)
Building Points: 4
Total Points should be 43

Scoregeek is calculating this at 40 (and this is the difference between a win and a loss!) I've had a look at the detailed scoring following the calculation and it seems that although it includes the 13 individual points for the 13 Sheep it is missing off the 3 VP for them... Does anyone with a bit more knowledge (or even the amazing person who created the advanced scoring system) know how it can be amended to correct this error?
I'm worried this may have had an effect on our previous games that weren't scored manually... If you edit the algorithm can you then re-calculate the previous matches??

Any help on this would be amazing!
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