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Android App Internet Issues

It seems that approximately one week ago my hosting company made some changes to their SSL Certificate which are causing problems on my Android Apps.

Specifically, the cloud servers are inaccessible because Android thinks our SSL Certificate is invalid.  Things that might be inaccessible if you are using Android are:

-Syncing passwords with Easy Password Storage
-Syncing games with ScoreGeek
-Posting games to BoardGameGeek with ScoreGeek
-Installing games from the Games Database with ScoreGeek
-Searching for games on BoardGameGeek with ScoreGeek

The Certificate is valid on all other devices so there should be no issues on iOS, WinPhone, Mac, Windows.

I have contacted my hosting company and asked them to fix the problem.  Until then, here are my recommendations:

Easy Password Storage Users:

-Keep using the app as usual.  When the servers are accessible again the app will sync to the cloud as normal

ScoreGeek Users:

You can temporarily switch to the online version at  You can then sync any of your plays to your cloud account once the servers are working again.

I anticipate a fix by mid-week and will continue to hound my hosting company until it has been resolved.  I'm very sorry for any inconvenience.