Can I add dynamic banner ads to my private label software?

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  • Yes, but the specifications depend on whether you're using a 1st or 2nd generation program.

    First Generation

    First generation programs are limited to banners that are 468x60 pixels. You must create a document on your website that displays a linked banner. There are instructions for that in this article:

    Second Generation

    Second generation banners also use a file on your website to determine which banners to display and where they should link, but you can also change the image size, the position within the software, and the rotation. You do so from the banner management section in your My Software page (you must have purchased the banner upgrade for this section to become available).

    Here is a screenshot:

    You can add as many banners as you like, and then copy and paste the generated code to the same URL that you chose as your Banner URL in your customization information.

    A typical second generation banner ad page on your website will look like this:


    Your software will connect, get information about your banners, and then display them according to what information was posted at your banner URL. That means that if you are inclined you can use dynamic scripting to change your banner page on the fly.

    The following is the format that must be used. You should separate variable lines and banner lines with a | character.

    Variable Line
    count=[# of banners below],rotate=[true/false],rotateseconds=[#],shuffle=[true/false]|

    Banner Line(s)
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