can i change all spaces in filenames to underlin

hi i would like to rename a lot of photo files on my Mac, all the file names have a few spaces in them, i want to change the space to an underline character, will your software do this ?.

On my Mac i am using RapidWeaver to make several photo albums on my web site pages, but this Software or one of the many Add Ons, Stacks or whatever, do not like spaces in filenames, so you can see it important that i get it right first time.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for writing. Yes, the full version of Quick File Renamer can change all spaces to underlines.

    First, add all the files you want to rename (you can drag and drop them, or use the add file/add folder buttons.
    Next, click the Advanced tab
    Select "replace" from the drop down list of actions and click Add Action
    Enter a space for the text to find, and an underscore for the text to replace
    Check the After Rename list and it should show all of your files with underscores instead of spaces now.

    I hope that helps!

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