Can you completely remove trials from my private label app?

I want to distribute my private label app on my website without trials. Can you remove the trial?
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  • We cannot remove the demo from First Generation apps, but we can remove the demo from Second Generation apps if it is absolutely necessary.

    However, in this situation the best practice is the following:

    1) Pick a small trial period for your product. We recommend three days.
    2) Put the product on your website but do not link to it publicly. Not linking to it publicly effectively makes it so that there is no trial.
    3) Sell registration codes. When a customer receives a registration code you also give them a link to the installer.
    4) The customers download your installer, they see the trial but don't need to use it because they have a registration code so they simply skip it and register the full version.

    There are several advantages to distributing your software in this way:

    1) If you change your mind you can always start linking to the demo without having to pay us to rebuild your software.

    2) If there is a problem delivering registration codes for some reason you have a three day window during which time the customer can use the demo.

    3) The software is more secure than if you were to choose our Freeware option because it still require a registration code.

    If you still require no trial on your Second Generation app after considering those options please email me at I will manually program the no-demo option for you at no extra charge.

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