Can you recover my username and password for Easy Password Storage?

I lost my username and password for Easy Password Storage. Can you recover it?
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  • I can only recover usernames, but not passwords. For now I can recover them for free, but I expect to have to charge for the service in the future as it takes time to recover a username.

    Here is how the software works:

    When you create a username it is stored in the password database. We encrypt it with a special key that is only known to the developers, but could conceivably be guessed or extracted from the software. So your username is not particularly secure the way the passwords have to be.

    If you send us your database file we can apply our developer key to the username field in the database, decrypt it and retrieve it.

    Passwords are not stored in the same way. When you enter your password it is kept in memory only while you have the app open. It is never stored in a database or written to your computer.

    When it comes time to decrypt your passwords we use the password you have entered at login. If it's the right password, it will properly decrypt your passwords. Otherwise, it will simply return gibberish (the app knows whether your password is correct or not by decoding a sample password, if the sample password comes back as gibberish it knows you have entered the wrong password).

    The only time your password is saved to the database is when you select the "remember my password" option. Even then, it is encrypted with our developer key. However, if you deselect the "remember my password" option the database deletes the stored, encrypted password the next time you log. So there is no way for us to retrieve it in that situation.

    If you have forgotten your password here is what you should try:

    1) If you have created a plain text export of your passwords using the Export button you can simply import them into a new account. You may want to create a plain text backup of your passwords and place them on a USB drive in a secure location like a safe deposit box for this type of situation.

    2) If you have forgotten your username, you can email me the following files:

    OS X: ~Library\Containers\com.rebrandsoftware.easypasswordstorage\Data\Library\Application Support\EasyPasswordStorage\Keeper.DAT

    ~Library\Containers\com.rebrandsoftware.easypasswordstorage\Data\Library\Application Support\EasyPasswordStorage\prefs.rsd

    You can find your ~Library folder by opening finder, clicking the GO menu, holding down the Option key, then selecting Library

    %appdata%\Easy Password Storage\Keeper.DAT
    %appdata%\Easy Password Storage\prefs.rsd

    You can find the appdata directory by opening Windows Explorer and typing '%appdata%' without the quotes, then pressing enter

    3) Email the files to me at

    I will attempt to recover your username.
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