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can't sync easy password storage on macBookAir and iphone

I just purchased Easy Password Storage free version on my MacBook Air . I am trying to sinc it with my iPhone. When it didn't work, I purchased the full version but I purchased it on my iPhone, using the same user name and password for Apple ID and the app store. They don't recognize each other.
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  • Hi Ann,

    I'm very sorry about the late reply, for some reason I wasn't sent an email notification of your message here.

    Easy Password Storage doesn't use iCloud.  The app uses separate cloud servers in order to be cross-platform with Windows, Android, and Firefox.

    What you want to do is this:

    On your Macbook Air:

    Log in to your Easy Password Storage account
    Click File > Account Details
    Note your Username, Master Password and Encryption Type
    Click the Cloud button
    Create a cloud account
    Sign in to the cloud account on your Macbook Air

    On your iPhone:
    Create a new account
    Use the same Username, Master Password and Encryption Type as your Macbook Air
    Click the settings gear icon
    Click Cloud
    Sign into the cloud account (same cloud username and password as your Macbook Air)

    Now the two devices will sync in the cloud every 2-3 minutes.

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