Crazy Coloring Book Change Log

This document lists version changes to our Coloring Book software. The most recent changes are always at the top of the page.
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  • Version 1.1

    -Rearranged GUI layout and buttons to make it easier for kids to use
    -Bucket options now show when you select the bucket tool
    -Added choice between regular Fill and Textured Fill for bucket tool
    -Added UNDO and REDO ability
    -Added bucket image which fills with the selected color when using the Bucket tool
    -Added the ability to rotate stamps
    -Stamps are displayed in their proper rotation in the same area as the crayon and bucket icons
    -Can now select custom colors from the Palettes section
    -Fixed a bug on mac that prevents the Save, Load and Print menus from showing
    -Expanded the size of the coloring book thumbnails to 200 pixels to avoid choppiness on Mac
    -New default colorful icon with crayons to replace the old paint palette icon
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