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Customer Having a Problem Beyond What I Can Fix

I have purchased the Keylogger last summer.

A customer is having trouble that is beyond my ability to fix.

Here is here letter in full:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>My questions are the following.

1. "You must first enter your mail server settings": Does it mean
a) any email used, eg this email account could be used? or
b) the email account that automatically opens up when clicking on eg an email address on a website, eg, contact, staff list, click on someones name and on my computer then Windows live email ready to write an email to that person.

I thought it was the latter which is why I created a hotmail email account ( Or could I equally just use this my yahoo email account - I would prefer that.

2. Should I be able to use this yahoo email, where do I find the mail server?

3. In the KD window: should I write this my yahoo email in both fields:"Email address to" and "Email address from"?

I looked into the option on this account. Could it be that the server is called: Yahoo!Mail?

And I am not sure how to find the mail server`s port (This is normally port 25 or 1025) - step Three. Please advice.<<<<<<<<<<<<

If you help with this, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
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