Hi! I have used Easy Password Storage for a long time now and yesterday i backed up everything i had on my computer to my external hardrive to easy install the programs i still wanted to have and use. Well now i installed Easy Password storage to my computer again and my username is not saved there anymore. I have ́nt needed to put in my username for so long time (i only wrote in my password) so i don ́t know what my username was. Ivé tried many different names that i could have used but no one seem to be the right one. What should i do, can i retrive my username somehow or something like that? I know my password (it ́s printed inside my fingers because of all the times i have written it), but the username is gone. Please help me retrive my username so i don ́t lose all the passwords i have written down in my user! Best Regards Alex Jensen

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  • Hi Alex,

    Perhaps you were using version 2, and when you moved to a new computer you got version 3?

    Because of app store restrictions version 3 had to store data in a different place on the computer. To restore it, you simply copy your backed up version of the database to the location of the new database.

    Here is an article that will help you, just make sure you copy files on your external drive to the new location on your new computer.


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