Do you have a registry cleaner for private label?

Drew asked:

Do you have a registry cleaner software for private label? My provider is really dragging their feet on delivery. If so, does it also have a start up manager?
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    Hi Drew,

    Right now we don't have a specific registry cleaner program but we have a number of different programs that perform that function:

    Windows Cleaner: this program cleans computer and browser histories

    AntiSpyware: This program monitors start up areas and other areas of the computer and registry for spyware and removes them.

    For the start up manager we have an excellent program that monitors all sections of your computer for vulnerabilities, and one section that it monitors heavily are the startup areas. It will display anything on the computer that is running at startup. Here is the homepage for that:


    A registry cleaner program is always a possibility, but at the moment we are trying to move away from Windows-specific programs to programs that are more cross platform (Win/Mac/Linux). So I doubt that we will create one unless there is a real demand for it.

    I would love to see replies here from other people that would interested in a Registry Cleaner program and the types of features they would want to see.


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