Do you place an artificial limit on how many times a program can be rebranded?

Do you place an artificial limit on the number of times a program can be rebranded? I have seen other websites say things like "Only 5 left, purchase now" and once those five are purchased they do not sell any more copies.
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    No. We have seen this method in use but it is misleading to consumers. This method of creating a false supply shortage makes it seem as if software is worth more by only selling a limited numbers of copies.

    If you see this type of scheme in action please be sure to read their policies very carefully. It is likely that they intend to sell the source code as soon as they have sold the last "branded" copy. If that is the case, they are not protecting your investment at all, just using a gimmick to make the software seem more valuable and increase initial sales.

    One of our chief concerns is preventing our software from saturating the internet, and keeping the resale value high. To protect your investment, we gradually raise the price of our software over time, which has an effect that is similar to limiting the number of copies available.
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