Do you provide affiliate material with private label software?

Cornel asked:

Do you guys set up all the Affiliate material, one needs if I sell a "full master rights " product {which I'm gonna buy of you } as a vendor ? Like a Clickbank Vendor .I then need promotion material for my Affiliates.

I'm still a newbie, but I think I found a Winner at your site.
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    Hi Cornel,

    We don't specifically provide affiliate material with your purchase, but some of what we provide can be used. For example:

    -We can provide you with the graphics we create for your software in any format necessary so that you can use them in your affiliate material.

    -You are welcome to use any of the product descriptions, and feature lists, on our website.

    -If you purchase a custom icon from us for your software (available during checkout) we can provide it in any format you need.

    We also are available to provide any affiliate material you need custom made, although it is not included in your purchase. For example:

    -Banner images and other graphics
    -Promotional text and campaigns
    -Payment processor or affiliate integration
    -Custom programming to embed affiliate tracking information (such as RegNow's tracking code)

    For items like that we would just need to know what type of material you need and I would provide you with a quote. We're efficient so we're able to offer very competitive prices.

    Specifically for ClickBank I believe that all you need is a website with two pages:

    -A "pitch" page where you hype your product and provide a payment link to clickbank
    -A "success" page where you allow the customer to download the finished product

    If you needed something very simple like that we could create the graphics for your software and then reuse the colors and theme for your website.


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